March 27, 2013

Garden Bench Redo

Well I'm here to deliver on the promise to share the bench's transformation with you!! 

I found this sad little bench on the side of the road.
But it was sturdy and I could see loads of potential.
Hubby wasn't as sold but we lugged it home anyways. 

I had every intention to redo it and sell it but it was way too perfect for our garden space.
So it stayed :) 

Here's what the poor thing looked like before a little spraypaint & fabric magic: 

*Sandpaper (I used 120 grit)
*Spraypaint (Rustoleum's gloss white)
*Outdoor Fabric (Hancock Fabrics)
*Clear Gloss Sealer (Krylon)

First things first, I fixed the little dowel issue it had going on.
I tried just prying the one in the middle out by hand but it wasn't budging.
I ended up taking my jigsaw and cutting it out at the bottom. 
Then I popped it into the other hole and use wood glue to secure it. 
Easy peasy. 

Next, I gave it a good sanding to get any grime and scatches smoothed out. 
The thing I loved most was how sturdy it was. 
Definitely a key thing in picking up random pieces. 

I'm pretty darn sure this thing was handmade and the seat was a bear to get off. 
It was nailed in so I had to use a hammer to tap it off. 

But it was super easy to reupholster after that.
I got rid of the crusty & dusty old fabric and kept the foam underneath.
I made sure to get outdoor fabric since it would be living in our garden. 

Isn't it gorgeous all put together?? 

I gave it two coats of white spraypaint and then sealed it with a clear gloss coat to help protect it. 

No matter how many pieces I redo, 
I don't think I"ll ever cease to be amazed at what a little paint and fabric can do. 

She just glows now :)

I think the hardest part for people in redoing pieces is looking past what it looks like right then and being able to have a vision for it. 

The key things that made me pick this piece up and rescue it were: 
1. Sturdiness- makes my job a whole lot easier if it's already stable and secure
2. The only missing parts were a couple dowels and I knew I could make that look fine. 
3. It could easily be reupholstered which makes a world of difference. 
4. It was solid wood- score!

It has a perfect home now in our little garden :) 
My neighbors have already come over to take a rest in it too. 

I took hubby with me to the fabric store (gasp!) and he actually is the one who noticed this chevron fabric.
He's such a keeper :) 

Need a reminder of how far it came?
You know I've got you covered with a before & after :) 

From depressed & dreary to gorgeous & cheery.
Best kind of makeover!!

What do you think of my sunshine-y bench? 
Want to come & sip tea with me? 

You can check out a gallery of my other furniture before & after's here for more inspiration!

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  1. LOVE it, very inspiring! Wish I found stuff like that on the roadside.


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