September 09, 2011

Fall Bunting Banner

I can't believe it's finally Friday :)

I've been waiting for it to get here since Monday...well Tuesday...since we didn't have classes Monday.
I really need to get into the whole 'school' groove...I'm still not so there yet.

I did manage to squeeze in some Hobby Lobby time last night which made me feel better...
I feel as though I don't do any crafting at all anymore...
which is completely untrue.

But compared to all I could do during the summer...
it might as well feel like years between being able to work on projects instead of just a couple days.

I've got some fun fall stuff up my sleeves...
including two fall wreaths (and a possible third, maybe four!)
and several fun fall antique finds to show you.

And hopefully I'll start working on a fall makeover for my mantle this week :)

I'm not such a big Halloween person, does that make you mad??
We never grew up celebrating it in my house so it's never really stuck with me...
but Fall...Fall, I'm all about :)
So without anymore gabbering...
I wanted to show you another fun fall project I came up with using the MyMemories Suite software again.
Remember the Fall printable I showed you Wednesday?
Well that's not the only thing it can help you whip up!

I thought a cute bunting banner would be perfect for giving a little fall love to my fireplace.
And it's super easy to make with their software!

First, I made my banner pieces in MyMemories Suite.
I fit two per page but if you want a bigger banner, you might need to just do one per page.
I love that you can fill the shapes with whatever paper you want.
I did a mix of fall colored paper and burlap.

They print out nicely on regular cardstock paper...

Then just cut, string on a piece of twine and hang :)

Told ya it was easy!!!

It gives a little bit of fall personality to my spring/summer mantle.
I can't wait to get some pretty trim up and then get it all decked out :)

So there ya have it.
Pretty much the easiest bunting tutorial ever.

So you know you want to run over and enter the giveaway for a free copy of MyMemories Suite software.
Go :)

 Run here.

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I hope you guys have a fabulous weekend- can't wait to announce the winner on Monday.
Oh and have I told you that I have another fabulous giveaway starting Monday??

Don't you guys just feel loved??
You should. Because you totally are :)

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