September 02, 2011

Creating a Man Cave: Tips by Christina Johnson

I'm excited to have  one of my readers, Christina,  guest-blogging for me today!!
She contacted me earlier in the week and asked if she could write up a fun post for you guys!

Here's a little about her:

"Christina Johnson is an avid journalist and decorator. She has combined her two passions and made a career of writing about design. It is her passion to use her extensive knowledge of the real estate and design world to write informative and useful articles on anything having to do with designing homes!"

So sit back and enjoy her tips on creating an awesome man cave (something my hubby would die for!)
And she doesn't have a blog for you to leave her some love on, so feel free to leave her a sweet comment here :)


Man cave.

 A few years ago those words conjured the image of a ratty recliner and an old TV stuck in the corner of a drafty garage.
No longer!
Today’s man cave is a designated space for a guy to grab some time alone or with his buddies. Whether you live in a Manhattan apartment rental, , or a house in the burbs, a man cave is a necessary escape for a man.

What’s your man cave personality?
"Sports Fiend"
Whether you’re a football fanatic or dedicated to hoops or hockey, there’s no such thing as “too much” in a man cave.
There’s only more - including the biggest TV possible.

If you bleed your team’s colors you may as well paint the walls in them too.
No matter your favorite sport, crowd every inch of available wall space with memorabilia.
Hang framed jerseys, autographed photographs and posters or plaques commemorating championship games and pennants. Team-branded neon beer signs are popular. Look online at auction sites or take a trip to the watering hole and chat up the manager. Your local tavern may have half a dozen or so in the storeroom. They probably won’t give them away, but you might be able to get a deal.

Add a few recliners with cup holders, a mini fridge and a stadium-style popcorn machine.
You’re good to go.

"Mr. Fix-It"

Every neighborhood has one: the guy who can fix everything from a loose bike chain to a 1965 Plymouth Valiant.
Are you that guy?

This man’s cave is going to be housed in only one place: the garage. Coat the floor with a sealant to prevent stains and install rubber matting in work areas to save your back. Covering one wall with corrugated tin or diamond plate gives the place a “man-at-work” vibe. Create custom toolboxes by looking for used narrow-drawer filing cabinets that hold blueprints. Spray them bright yellow, matte black, whatever suits your mood. If you’re handy with an airbrush, you can embellish them with flames or other designs.

Install a pegboard and a counter top over the boxes. Nail vintage paint cans to the wall to serve as pigeonholes for gloves or shop rags. Add easy-to-clean vinyl couches or armchairs for seating and hang antique gasoline signs or license plates on the walls. An old-fashioned soda machine completes the scene – and you don’t have to stock it with soda.

"The Entertainer"

Maybe you’re a music lover who needs a place to display your guitar collection.
Carpet the walls for soundproofing and set up your amplifiers.

Add comfortable seating, a state-of-the-art sound system, some lava lamps and custom-built extra deep shelves to hold your vintage vinyl collection.
Frame your classic concert t-shirts to serve as wall hangings.

If you’re the kind of guy who likes to show his friends a good time, build a fully stocked mirror-backed bar complete with a brass rail. Hang a classic glass lamp over a felt-topped poker or pool table. Panel the walls with dark wood below the chair rail and paint them red above. Add leather seating, a jukebox and hang some vintage photographs or prints.

 You’re the proud owner of the classiest cave in town.


Thank you Christina!!

If you're wanting some more ideas for man caves, just go search Pinterest!!!
There are some awesome ideas there for creating your own space!

Here were some of my favorites I saw:

My hubby would seriously lose his stuff over this Batman table.

This space is gorgeous and luxurious!!
Get a load of that awesome pool table :)

This is seriously classy.
Love that cowhide rug and comfy chairs.

Hope that gives you some inspiration if you're looking for some ideas for your man's space!!
Leave some love for Christina
and I hope you guys have a fantastic weekend!!!

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  1. This idea made me LOL because I've devoted A LOT of time trying to help my hubby realize his need for a man-cave. (It usually goes over better if it's HIS idea.) He doesn't think that his crap ought to be organized, but when WE spend time organizing all his hunting gear, he loves it. I'm a huge fan of the Mr. Fix-It cave, but my man probably would see it as a Honey-Do Hole... *Sigh* A girl can dream about her man's cave, right?

  2. Oh man, does my man ever have a man cave. It's one of those sports memorabilia rooms! EXPENSIVE! The fun never ends...


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