August 24, 2011

What's on My Mind...


Classes start.
Summer really ends.
Time becomes scarce.
Quality time becomes planned.
Days will become crazier.
Work will be harder.
Expectations will rise.
Books will pile up.
Nights will become shorter.
Mornings will start earlier.
Life will become hectic.
Stress levels will rise.
Exasperation is inevitable.

Some weeks will be overwhelming.
Sometimes I'm going to wonder why I'm even doing this...
and want to give up.
Sometimes I'm going to want to bang my head against the wall
Or throw my textbook at the computer
(never the teacher...)

I will be irritated

Sometimes I will forget that I'm actually working towards something...
and not just stuck here.
I AM moving forward.
Even if it seems to barely crawl along some days.

There are moments that I wonder if I'm doing the right thing
Following the right path...

And then there are those wonderful moments.
Where I feel accomplished.
Worthy of being there.
Like I'm making a difference.
Sometimes I thrive off the craziness.
And sometimes the forty-five minutes drives there and back are soothing.

Regardless of how I feel at this exact moment,
I will be there tomorrow.
And know that I'm moving towards something bigger.
And it's not just for me,
but for my family too.

It just seems so big right now.

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  1. Good luck to you Kelsey!! I loved this post...not because you are stressed or worried...but because even though you KNOW what's coming, you can still see the silver lining. I also loved your quotes :)

  2. What a great post! I loved so many of your quotes!! GOOD LUCK, you can DO it!!!

  3. I feel ya! After reading my syllabus's yesterday I am feeling overwhelmed already :( I try to remember my ultimate goal and that I only have to take each class one time and I'm done! {God willing!}

  4. best of luck! you will be great, do great. :) it'll be over before you know it.

  5. You are going to do fine! As they say, the hardest step is always the first. May the force be with you!


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