August 05, 2011

The only good thing about returning to school... being able to buy bright, brand new school supplies :)

Does anyone else like seeing all the bright-colored rows of notebooks, crayons, & calculators?
Or am I just weird?

Now let me back up and say that I love the supplies, not shopping for them with a four year old in tow.
We had to venture out to get supplies for me and little man.
But after having come home sweaty and exhausted,
(seriously arkansas, 106? Are you trying to kill us??)
I got to pile all the supplies together and they made me happy :)

I normally just use a lot of what I have semester to semester, but it was time to freshen up a little.
Pens are my favorite :)
And I found my pretty teal everywhere this year!
I think, and don't judge me, that my most exciting part was finding reinforced notebook paper.
You mean my notes won't just start tearing out of my notebooks at the slightest of movements?

You wouldn't think I'm such a nerd if you had hundreds of pathophysiology or E&T notes falling all over the place, getting out of order and making it nearly impossible to study, now would you??
So, all in all, it was pretty darn exciting. .

Little man's supplies look like a lot more fun, though.
I wish OT school meant watercolor paints...

He's excited about his new preschool and he'd better learn a whole lot with all this :)

Of course he had to have a Cars folder...and a puppy one.
Best of both worlds.

And just because Walmart got too exhausting,
I had to pick up a fun, non-stressful thing too.

And if you haven't seen this movie, run- don't walk- to your nearest Redbox
Or, rather, just buy it.
Because it is SO CUTE.

So mommy and little man can both relax :)

So anywho...
What are your favorite school supplies to get???

And I hope you guys have a fabulous weekend.
Our church is doing something called 'Be the Church' where we go out to the local community and help out with various things.
Hubby procured an ambulance for kidds to crawl all in
and me and little man will be suffering enjoying the heat while helping out.
So pray for cool weather :)

Happy Friday!!!

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  1. Nice!! No, you're not weird ~ I LOVE school supplies! I think my favorites are binders, dividers & pens! Ooh & folders! :)

  2. Another one who loves school supplies! We homeschool, but I still like to make sure that DS experiences the thrill of picking out new stuff! :)

    We picked up Rio too! Love it and have watched it once a day since Tuesday, lol.

  3. I always loved back-to-school shopping! Of course, my mom was the one buying it for me back then. I'm really looking forward to shopping for my son next fall though!!

  4. Sooo, you're from AR? My hubs is from there. :0) My MIL said it's been really HOT where they are on the north eastern side of AR. Northern Cali hasn't gone above 80 this summer.

    What?? All that stuff for your boy's preschool? He'll be busy!

    I want to see RIO!

  5. I love me some school supplies!! I always get so excited when I see all the back-to-school stuff coming out, even if I'm not going back to school. I love pretty pens, pencils and notebooks. Target did not disappoint this year.


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