July 17, 2011

Calling for Guest Bloggers!!

How would you like to be featured on Tattered and Inked with your very own post??

I'm looking for several guest bloggers for the week of July 24-30th because we are heading to the beach!!!
(I'm super excited!!!)

So while we are soaking up the sun and waves, I'm hoping to fill in the blogging gap with some of you!!!

I'm looking for either introductory posts about you and your blog or an original tutorial that would fit the theme of this blog.
Suggestions for tutorials could be...
(Furniture redos)
(Room redos)
(DIY crafts)
(Fun Jewelry DIY)
(Party Ideas)
*feel free to email me with any questions about a tutorial you have*

OR just a fun intro post letting my readers know who you are and why you're blog would be fun to visit!!
On Intro posts, I would love if you'd include several pictures of projects you have done.

All I need from you is for you to send in your code before July 23rd.

Sending your code in is easy:
There's a tab in the upper right hand corner of the box where you type in your post that says 'edit HTML', click on it to switch over to that box and then copy and paste every bit of it into an email to me.
Email your code to tatteredandinked@yahoo.com

I will email you back about what day you're post will be featured so that you can mention it on your blog as well.
It would be great if you mentioned that you were guest blogging over here :)

I hope to feature all posts that are sent in but that will depend on how many are sent.
So start sending 'em!!!

It will be such a help and relief for me while we are on vacation so
Thank You!!!!

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  1. how about a guest blogger that lives in the same city as you?!

    I'm working on getting back into blogging all the 1000 projects I've been doing around our house. And think this would be an awesome way to get some new followers!

  2. I'd love to do a blog swap with you Kelsey! Maybe just an intro post letting each other's readers know about our blog? Let me know if you are interested and I'll get busy on a post for ya :)

  3. I sent you an email about doing a guest post :)

  4. I would love to. I have a desk remodel I am finishing up and a few DYI's to choose from. Love to have you guest on mine as well. I need a little motivation. ;D


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