June 06, 2011

This is how my dog rides...

My husband's 21st birthday was last night!
(I know, so old, huh) :)

So I don't have any amazing projects to show you as of this moment.
Though if you follow me on FB you'd see a sneak peek of what I'm showing you tomorrow!
And I worked hard on that sucker in our 90 degree awful heat!

But I just love these pictures so much that I had to share.
Sweet Bentley rides to pick up little man from school with me and this is where he likes to sit:

Yup. Little man's carseat.
It cracks me up everytime.

He's such a sweetie and he misses little man all day when he's at school.
So I guess this is as close to him as he can get on his way to pick him up.

Silly puppy.

In other animal news,
we now have two nearly identical siamese cats.
Our sweet Ellie went missing during the flood fiasco, so I put up posters to find her and called the local shelters.
One of the shelters called to report a cat that matched Ellie's description and told me to check it out.
I did and found a cat identical to Ellie (just a little darker and not declawed) at this sweet elderly couple's house.
They set her in my arms and asked if I'd take her since they couldn't keep her.

What's a girl to do?
Ellie was returned home last night.
So now we have Ellie and Ella.

They don't like each other...yet.
But soon they'll be singing 'we are siamese if you please' together.
Don't worry, I'll get a video :)



  1. This post is so adorable. All of it!

  2. Your dog is so cute, waiting for your little boy. I'll anxiously wait for the video of the two Siamese. That is too funny - but so sweet of you to take the cat.

  3. That's just too cute! And I'm so glad Ellie came home. It makes my heart hurt for our furbabies to have problems or get lost or.... the subject we won't speak.

    Belated happy birthday to hubby!

  4. I love dogs and this is a cutie! And after perusing a few of your posts I am amazed at your talent, creativity and energy level. So young, cute, a student, a momma and a wife! Bless your heart!


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