June 15, 2011

Cruisin' on our Second Anniversary...

Did I tell you guys that my anniversary was last week?
June 7th to be exact :)

I've been married to my sweet hubby for two years (well...and eight days!)
Since hubby's b-day was on the 5th we postponed going out for our anniversary until this past weekend.

Both me and hubby have lived in Arkansas our entire lives...so we think of there not being much we HAVEN'T done here...
since Arkansas is sooo the tourist-y state and all :)

But hubs found something neither of us had ever done and got a reservation on the 'Arkansas Queen'.
It's a little vintage cruise boat that goes out on the Arkansas River and there's dinner and dancing.

It's not Carnival by a long shot :)
But it's an amazing date night!

I thought I'd share some fun pics we got...

I was smitten with this rope...:)

One of the many bridges on the river.
So pretty at night :)

I never realized that the city of Little Rock could be so pretty.

I loved going under the bridges- I hate driving on them...
but loved going underneath them.

The boat was so old-timey and we loved every second of it.
I swear, my husband was meant to live in the fifties.
The music, the dancing, the boat.
It was perfect!

This was before we left.

Happy anniversary hubs!

So if you ever want something fun and random to do in Little Rock, book a night on the Queen.
Finally...something fun for Arkansas to offer :)
(Besides the Razorbacks)

I have about a million projects in the works...
and I'm running out to Goodwill to snatch up some steals I found yesterday...
so I'll be back later with my normal crafty craziness!



  1. Adorable photos. Love the rope pic.
    Going on a cruise is what my husband and I prefer to do on vaca!
    Happy Anniversary!

  2. Such a cute date night idea...I want to do something like that! I love your blog. The burlap background is too cute.



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