May 02, 2011

Welcome, welcome to our house!

I don't know why I want to rhyme 'mouse' with the title.

So want a glimpse at what Arkansas is looking like about now?

One week we're fighting off tornados...the next we're swimming in flash floods.
I'm just closing my eyes and praying for sunshine :)

Finals are no fun and having to wade my way to class makes them even less fun
(if that's possible)
So send Arkansas some prayers...or better yet, just wave the sun on over to us.

Maybe our lack of sun is what made me want to show you this little project...
because it's sunshin-y and oh-so-welcoming!

I decided that my front door alcove needs some love too so I found this piece of scrap wood in my garage and painted in a spring-y yellow.
(It makes me happy--even in this rain!)

Then I cut out a template saying 'welcome' on my Cricut and used that as a stencil.
I did 'welcome' all the way down, alternating painting it with a light blue and then just tracing it with a chocalate paint pen.

Here it is looking all nice and freshly painted.

I decided it was too freshly painted...especially since it was going to be out in the weather anyways.
So of course I took my sander to it.
And I just so happened to find the perfect doo-dad (yup, technical term!) to screw onto it.
It's actually a piece of hardware from a dresser that was on the side of the road.
I couldn't grab the I grabbed the hardware instead :)

Mmmm... I love a good distressing.
And I'm obsessed with that blue and yellow :)

Here it is in its' new home.
Totally fit the space and now no one should be questioning whether they are welcome or not!!

And it fits in just nicely with my little blue chair that I grabbed off the side of the road.
Yes, it was that beautiful color and perfectly distressed.
And, yes, some people are just crazy in what they try and throw out.

And the photoshoot went on...

I think my favorite distressed part are the corners...yumm

I mean, I just can't get over that anyone tried to throw that chair out.
Or maybe they just knew it was meant to be mine :)
Secret neighborhood admirers. lol

Make everyone feel welcome at your house :)
(well...not those pesky newspaper salesman...ugh)

Hope this brings you a little sunshine to your day
(and if you have any left over, pretty please send it our way!)


  1. cool!!! definitely not your standard & boring welcome sign, I love the pop of color!!

    Thanks for linking up to Your Whims Wednesday :)

  2. I love it sitting on the chair the best - and the distressed corners are my favorite part too!

  3. Following from the CSI project. :) So cute. I have a link party going on over on my blog, too. Would love to have you link up. :) Oh...I'm from Northwest Arkansas...glad all that rained has stopped. :)


  4. What a fab welcome sign! I'm stopping by as the guest judge for the CSI project :)
    happy crafting!


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