May 13, 2011

To Feather or not to Feather?

Well I guess it's not really a question for me anymore.
Cuz I did feather.

So I guess this is better for those of you who have thought about it or just want to know more..
because I lurve em!!

I'll show you mine but don't snort at the bad picture quality.
Have I told you lately that my camera hates any light other than natural?

I pulled my hair back halfway sunday so you could see them a tad better.
I ended up getting two groupings of three feathers each.
At first I got one more towards the crown of my head (pictured)
and a grouping along the base of my hairline so you could see them when it's pulled back.

But I ended up getting them switched so both were towards the crown of my head.
I love them better that way :)

I got mostly white and black feathers...

But a few orange thrown in there.
They are a crazy hot thing going on so my salon was limited on colors that day...
I might go back and get a few bright ones- haven't decided yet...

Here's my beautiful friend Gin who has some bright oranges on either side...

These were SO easy to get literally took about five minutes and they are so fun to play with.
You can curl em, straighten em, wash em, pull em back...

pretty much, they're pretty freaking amazing.
You know you want some fun funkiness in your hair.

And if you happen to be in the North Little Rock area,
run over to Payton Place Salon and they will set you up :)

I know they're not for everyone...and they're pretty much a fad.
But I really don't care..because if it gives me an excuse to wear something fun in my hair, I'm pretty much all in!!!

(I'm pretty sure little man thought I'd come out looking like a chicken when I said I was getting feathers because the first thing he said was 'well, you still look like my mommy'...)



  1. I had some put in my hair a month ago! I love them! My stylist had them in her hair and I loved the look. I went with red, blue and an orange/black leopard print(whatever), it was fun to do some crazy colors. They look great in your hair! Fun times =)

  2. I am a grandma and I love, love them! My niece had them put into her hair and can I just say "ADORABLE"! You look adorable too!

  3. Love em! So cute! 3 of my friends have feathers in their hair (and 2 of them are hair dressers). I want some! :)


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