May 10, 2011

Fun Anthropologie Finds

When I found out that Little Rock was getting an Anthropologie I literally jumped up and down.
I had browsed the catalogs, heard about the treasures through other bloggers and seen their gorgeous layouts via the internet...
but it was finally coming to good ole Arkansas.

Which is still amazing to me :)

I have been meaning to show you some fun things I picked up on my first trip there...even if it was months ago... oh well.

I happened to go when they had a bunch of clearance sections and I was oh-so-happy to dig through those!
Here's some fun things I picked up:

And for under 15$
Do you know how awesome that is??

I loved this gorgous monogrammed mug...and of course had to bring home my H.

And I was in love with these bowls before I even saw what they cost...

A whopping 1.95 for a fabulous grey sculpted bowl...
Umm yes please.

And I practically drooled over their knobs selection...
while digging through their clearance sections, I found these tucked in there.
For 2.95!
Complete steal.
These will be making an appearance soon- keep a look out :)

Oh Anthropologie, you make me smile
(Especially when you have your clearance sections)



  1. I bought my hubby that mug for Valentine's Day. He LOVES how sturdy it is. The base is amazing. I really, really, really want those bowls in the mint. They just came out though so they are regular price. I might stop in and buy one or two at a time though. I think it would be fun to have them in a multitude of colors. Great shopping!!!!

  2. I've always pictured Heaven to look just like the clearance room at Anthropologie- that is until I went to the Queen Bee Market and stopped at an Anthro on the way with a friend who had never been. Now it's a toss up- oh such a great day! LOVING your gray latte bowls. What a fab color!

  3. oh my gosh, i didnt know there was one in little rock!!!! eeeekkk!!! i'll be putting it on my to-do list when i make a trip there!

  4. Hi Kelsey! Thanks for visiting my blog! I've always admired the knobs people find at Anthropologie and yours are no exception. Love that monogrammed mug. I'm on the lookout for one for me, too!

  5. really cute finds! we don't have an anthro close to us. :( maybe soon... i'm a new follower from Sunday Social...come visit me if you'd like. :)


    P.S...I have a link-up on Sundays to share random pics from your day...would love to have you join! :)


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