April 20, 2011

Wooden Easter Egg Topiaries

I'm trying to get back on schedule this week after the great computer attack I underwent over the weekend.
So I'm sorry if I'm posting so late :)

Sometimes I get so bogged down on feeling as though I HAVE to do certian things for my blog that I forget that I blog because I like too...not because I have to.
I have to keep reminding myself that it's not about the number of pageviews, features or followers I get during the week.
It's about doing what I love and getting to share it with all of you.

I am pretty hard on myself when I feel like I"m falling behind and not being able to do as much as the 'superstar' bloggers out there.
But I do what I can, when I can and I have to be A-ok with that :)

I think my favorite thing about my 'crafting' obsession is sharing it with little man.
I love it when he wakes up from his nap and immediately walks into the craft room and says
'ok mommy, what are we going to make today?'
(not to mention that he thinks everything is held together with hot glue)
It just melts my heart every time.

Anyways... onto the fabulously almost-to-late project at hand.

The wooden easter egg topiaries
(I dare you to come up with a better name. lol)

First, I knew I was going to want something to put them in after they were made so I had all these mismatched flower pots...

and gave them all a good coat of heirloom white.
I also filled them with white beans I had leftover from some centerpieces I did back in Halloween.

I picked up some oval wooden pieces from Hobby Lobby a while ago and decided to paint them in different colors.
Little man helped :)

And I had these yummy scrapbook papers just begging to be used for something spring-y.

To have something to hold them up in the flowerpots, I had these random wood pieces that hubby put in my stocking this past Christmas.
(I knew they'd be useful at some point!)
I just wrapped them in jute.
I only wrapped them part of the way because the bottoms would be in the beans and the tops would be glued to the eggs.

After modpodging the paper on, sanding down the edges and tying a litte jute around each eggs,
they were just assembled with hot glue.
(on second thought, most things in our house probably ARE put together with hot glue...haha)
It didn't take much to make them stick firm to the jute covered wood pieces.
And the beans hold them snugly in place.

I printed off 'He is Risen' on my computer onto some tan cardstock and hubby burned the edges for me.

I think my favorite is the big egg...
But go figure, it's the blue and yellow one :)
(old habits die hard)

Although the purple and yellow is a nice change of pace too :)

Wouldn't it be cute to make heart ones for Valentines next year?
Hmm... I'll have to store that away for then :)

Hope you guys are having a fabulous mid-week.
We've had tornado weather all week and the sirens are starting to get on my nerves.
But I'm super excited about only having five real days of school left until finals hit.
That's totally fine with me!


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  1. Super fun project. I love that you make everyday items beautiful. Another one for the bookmarks to try another day. ;) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Very nice! Love the colors you used! Thanks for linking up!

  3. Very lovely! I like the message.

  4. Seriously I love these!! And I know exactly what you mean!! There is always so much going on in my blog behind the scenes and right now so much going on in life that my blogging has went wayyyyy down. I feel alot of guilt and I've mentioned it several times but I have got to take care of what God puts in my heart first, getting closer to Him/doing His work, my hubby & babies, then blogging! It's def a balancing act!

    Love! (and keep up the amazing work, you do awesomely!)


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