April 25, 2011

Little Man Turns Four (and Easter snapshots)

Today, little man turned four.
It's amazing to think that he was, not so long ago, just a little baby.

Because he's such a big boy now.
(and he tells me that daily)

I told him that he was once a little bitty baby...

but now he's just a big big boy :)

Here are some quick Easter pics...it's hard to get good ones with two goofy boys :)

But I love them anyways!

It's hard to believe it was this pretty just yesterday considering we've been blasted with tornados all tonight.
The joys of Arkansas.

We love family hugs and kisses :)

And hubby says his hair is becoming an afro.
I happen to love his curls, though.

and his big man hugs :)
They're pretty much the best.

Our little family.
Little man says he needs a sister.
Ummm...alrighty, little man.

I think we look pretty good how we are for a couple more years :)

For some reason, I love this last picture.
Sweet boy hunting eggs.

So there are rumors that campus is flooded.
Although it's always flooded.

Hoping that for some crazy chance, they might cancel so I miss my physical disabilities practical test?

Hmm...one can wish :)



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