March 26, 2011


I have a love affair with little baby toes.
Do any of you have that?

I adored little mans chunky, sweet feet and now...
...they're becoming big boy toes.

Not so sweet and chunky. sometimes they're still way sweet.

I love taking pictures of his toes...
because someday they'll be big and hairy.

But I still think of them as baby toes for now.
Cuz he still has some toddler pudge...

I love this picture of his toes and him pointing with his little finger.
We were playing chalk outside and he was showing my the 'mouse' he drew.

Oh and I got some precious face pics too.

And of course had to play with my faves on Picnik...

Do you love baby toes?
My baby will be four soon... so I'm sad to think that he'll probably be losing all his toddler pudge.
I guess that's why I love taking these kinds of pictures so much :)


On another note:
Have you entered the giveaway for the 'Bushel and a peck' cabinet door yet?

Go here to enter!

Hope you guys have a fabulous weekend!!



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