March 29, 2011

My late-night vent post...

Is venting via blog a big no-no?

I'm thinking not :)

But really...I don't know if I have enough energy to vent anymore.
I just thought I would let you know that I would MUCH rather be doing blogging things right now.
(well...besides this post of course)
because for the past several hours my desk has looked like this:

I hate when my desk looks like this.
Because it means I'm half-drowning in studying.

I'm pretty sure tonight I was more than half :)

But I got that research paper cranked out somehow.
So there.

Take that OT school.
You haven't really broken me yet.
Even when you do let me off for three weeks and then bam! back to reality.

This week has been rough, guys.
Not to mention that it's been rainy and cold.

But now I'm just whining.
I have a fun post for you guys tomorrow- much better than all this studying/whining crap I have going on tonight.
And if school actually allows me some real-life time, I might just get it up :)

So here's to making it through just one more day of school.
It was definitely an accomplishment today.

Like, for real.

One last yucky glance at my desk and I'm outta here and into my warm, comfy bed...



  1. Go Kelsey! As far as I'm concerned you can use your blog for whatever you want - including Venting!


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