March 11, 2011

A Houndstooth 'H' and its Shelf

I can't believe it's already friday.
This week has FLOWN by.

Do you remember that I had talked about starting clinicals this past week?
It's been an awesome experience so far.
Working with those veterans is so fun :)
Lots of interesting stories.

And I've seen a ton of shoulder and hand therapy plus a good dose of tons of adaptive and treatment equipment we just gab about in class.
I love seeing everything in real life :)

So... I'm sorry I haven't been crazy posting every day.
I'm trying to keep up with my clinical schedule as well as see my family.
Although I did stop by Goodwill today and find some yummy things that should crop up on here soon.
Aren't you super excited?

So, my little H that I mentioned in the title was SUPER easy.
I mean like three minutes kind of easy.

It started with this boring white H I got from Micheals...
and a piece of Houndstooth vinyl paper from the clearance section as well.

I laid the H on top of the vinyl and used my exacto knife to cut around it so that I had  perfect H in my houndstooth...

All it took was a little spray adhesive to combine the two together.
My perfect little gentleman H.
Cuz only gentlemen wear houndstooth, didn't you know?

And his little throne he's sitting on?
An antique store find for eight dollars.

It caught my eye with it's beautiful fleur de lis.
It had a twin but I could only justify getting one.
Some other lucky person will stumble upon his brother.

He started out as this little fellow...

He was pretty...but it was actually a little lighter than what the picture shows and it looked too fake-stoney for me.
Does that make sense at all?

But I absolutely loved his details

And this sucker was h-e-a-v-y.
I mean it. Seriously hefty.

I gave him a coat of the fabulous heirloom white- which I finally broke down and got an actual quart of paint in.

After that coat dried, I rubbed him down with my trusty black glaze.

Ah. Much better all distressed.

Now my little houndstooth gentleman has a perfect fleur de lis throne to perch upon.

I leaned little man's baby 'parts' picture on the shelf too.
Because he's my other little gentleman :)

And I'm seriously in love with my fleur de lis.
I'm obsessed. Quite possibly almost to the 'in need of rehab' point with fleur de lis.
I just can't get enough of them.

And the gentleman H and his little shelf are the first thing people see when walking in the front door :)
What a nice greeting, right?
You can't really go wrong with houndstooth.

And he may be a little hefty but his chunkiness is just perfect to me :)

So there you have it.
The new gentlemen in our home.

I've got one more sheet of that houndstooth vinyl...
what should my next project be with it?


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  1. I love the "H" I might just have to steal this idea!!!

  2. I love love it! Houndstooth just makes me happy these days. I want everything Houndstooth!! Very cool:)

  3. Great Project! Love the work on the Shelf! Also I found self adhesive Houndstooth Vinyl at


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