March 13, 2011

Happy Birthday to HER!

Hello ladies and gents,

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Mychal, and the lovely and innovative Kelsey is my wonderful wife. Even as I type this out, she is cutting fabric to make our storage basket 'prettier'. But enough of this useless chatter, the reason I decided to 'blog' today is to tell you this.

Today, is Kelsey's Birthday!!!

That's right, today, not tomorrow, yesterday, last week, or 13 days from now. Today. She's the big 22!

So, I was thinking. What should I get for a wife that makes anything she wants? Well, I did what any good, smart husband of a crafty blogger does...

I asked.

In retrospect, a surprise might have been better for me. I ended up scouring the planet for an affordable dryer, spending hours and hours handcrafting CD's and whatnot, AND I agreed to be at her beck and call for the next 24 hours.

Yeah, gents be warned.

Anyways, I wrote this quick 'post' thing just to say, I'm very proud of what she can do with a hot glue gun and random pieces of fabric, cabinets, chalk, and anything else. Throughout the time she's been blogging she's been up, she's been down, and she almost gave up. But I managed to keep her plugging along, and now look. I don't even know four hundred and some odd people, but she not only knows you, she interests you. You guys keep her going everyday. Keep following, keep commenting, and keep doing... uhhh... 'linky parties' or whatever they are.

To the McGyver of crafts,

I love you more and more everyday.



  1. Happy Birthday Kelsey!! What a sweet husband you have. McGyver of crafts! Love it!

  2. awwww =) so sweet! hope you enjoyed your day! happy late bday!

  3. Happy Birthday Kelsey!!! Sounds like your husband's making a great one!

  4. Happy be-lated Birthday Kelsey!!! What a sweetheart for writing on your blog. Hope it was a good one!!!!!

  5. Just saying, March 13th is an awesome birthday to have :)

    You do some incredibly amazing things with furniture--my DH is rolling his eyes because now he has to move heavy things so I can go paint them :)


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