March 07, 2011

A Bowl full of Balls

Honestly, I had no other name for this post.

Because it is exactly that.
A bowl full of balls.

Told ya.

Before I get to all the crazy details... guess what I'm doing today?

Done guessing yet?

It's my first official day of clinicals.
I might just have butterflies in my stomach.

I'm working at the VA hospital for the next two weeks and getting some real, hands-on OT experience.
So be thinking of little ole me and my crazy weeks ahead :)

On to those balls.

So I had this coffee table with a space desperately needing to be filled.
And I had this pretty metal scrolly bowl that I had picked up a while ago.

The whole thing started with all this:

I at first ended up making two different types of balls.

1. Twine/jute balls
2. Tissue paper balls.

The twine jute balls are super easy to make.
Sorry...but I didn't take pictures to do a tutorial.
You can go here for a great one though.

The tissue paper ones are easy too!
(and I did take pictures of these!)

I took this awesome stuff

and painted a good strip of the modpodge onto the styrfoam balls.
Then I took a strip of tissue paper that looked like this:

and literally just wrapped the paper in strips around the ball and smushed it all down.
Yup. Smush it good :)

I used the smaller styrofoam balls for these so it only took a couple of strips per ball.

So I had these great twine and tissue balls... but it still bothered me.

After looking at them for several days I finally had one of those 'aha!' moments and realized all it needed was  little bit of color!

Everyone remember these lovelies from Pier One that came out last spring?

Yea...those way cute balls.
The ones that I wanted like a thousand of?

Well I decided to make some of my own but with my own little colorful twist :)
And as an added bonus, they were super easy to do.

I found some wooden balls at Hobby Lobby in packs of like 6 or so I think.

I snatched 'em up and painted them my blue I love so much.

Then I grabbed some black letter stickers from my stash
Because, guys, I scoured Micheals AND Hobby Lobby and NEVER found the kind of stickers I was looking for.
I didn't think that both of those stores, together, could ever dissapoint.
But it's only been a one time occurance so far... so I think I still love them.
We shall see. I grabbed some of my own stickers...

Way cute, colorful alphabet balls.

And get ready for like a thousand beautified pictures of these little lovelies because it was GORGEOUS outside and, oh how I have missed being able to walk out there to take pictures.

There's nothing better than natural light :)
I was in love.

So here are all three types happily co-existing.

I love the pop of blue the alpha balls give.

Little man loves lining things up so this pic is for him :)

What do you think?
A good idea to add that blue?

There ya have it.
My bowl full of balls.

So... I'm starting clinicals today...
what exciting things do YOU have going on this week?


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  1. At least you didn't call it "A bowl full of blue balls." Haha! Sorry, I can't help myself! I agree though, the blue balls definately make the other ones pop! I love 'em! And I'm sure you'll rock your first day of clinicals! Good luck!

  2. Ooooo, I like!! I've been wanting to incorporate something like this in my living room...thanks for extra inspiration! :o)

  3. I like the blue ones best! lol

  4. Tooo cute! I might have to make some balls for myself! Ahhh I think I just have a dirty mind...

  5. Very creative! I love the harlequin tissue paper one the best!!!! The robins egg blue ones are pretty awesome too!!!
    Linking up from seven thirty seven blog!

  6. These are fabulous, and you're right... it needed the pops of blue. Well done!

  7. Very nice! Love your bowl full of balls! Lol

    And good luck with your clinicals!
    Thanks for linking up!


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