February 06, 2011

Something every girl should get to do :)

I got to shoot my first gun today.
I know...sad for a 'country' girl, huh?

But my family isn't really a hunting family and my dad is too much of mr. safety to ever just 'play' with guns...
so it took my brother going out and buying an M4 for me to actually ever go out and shoot a real gun...

It's completely scary looking...
although it almost looks fake because it's so scary...

It doens't help that it I watch wayyy too much 24 and see terrorists with guns that look like this.
(I really do need to cut back)

But it's my brother's new 'toy' and I had to try it out...
Here's him doing some 'test' shots...

and here's my hott hubby about to be all BA and act like Jack Bauer :)

and...the HUGE part...

Here is me shooting the gun.

And, yes, I DID shoot it... I didn't just hold it for pictures :)

Though this is me doing my best Jack Bauer impression... haha.
I need to work on looking incredibly serious and worried about saving the world.

I liked watching the boys have fun.

But I did enjoy doing it too :)
I was super worried that it would kick back and hurt my shoulder...but I guess the really awesome guns don't do that.
It makes a really loud noise though.
Glad I wore ear plugs.

Designer jeans and an M4.
Good mix, don't ya think?

And bubby was a good trainer.
I think I'm all ready to be an amazing CTU agent, right??

Well, regardless... I did shoot an m4 today.
What did you do this weekend?



  1. i also recently fired a gun for the first time. i grew up in upstate ny, and the only gun i'd ever seen up close was my dad's hunting rifle.

    so when my friend, chris, bought an AK47 and asked if i wanted to fire it, i seriously thought he was kidding. i, too, thought it looked like something out of columbia or afghanistan, and should be slung over the shoulder of a bad guy.

    but it was surprisingly easy to fire, and a lot of fun to pose with. my favorite is a shot i call my "spring time for hitler" pose.


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