January 19, 2011

So...this is me...

So there's this awesome link party going on at the moment.
Maybe you've heard of it.

And if you haven't, seriously.
Check it out.

Ashley over at Little Miss Momma is hosting what she's calling I (heart) your faces (linky party) over at her fantastic little blog.
She recently did an awesome post on how to take self-portraits and wanted to let everyone show off theirs.

I don't know if I've ever had a problem with self portrait- taking.
I've always been that crazy person that carries her camera everywhere.
I have millions upon millions of pictures sitting on my harddrive (and on my external one).
I adore taking pictures.

I mastered the art of holding the camera up above you and looking down on you kind of picture.
That's the only way I have some of me and my besties :)

You know...these kind...

We're kinda picture whores.

So anyways.
I did my little photo shoot (I hate posting pictures of myself on here just to let you know)
and am particating in Little Miss Momma's party.

Here's what I got:

Breakdown on outfit:
Black Jeggings- Old Navy
White Lacy Tank Top- Forever 21
Grey Polka Dot Cardigan- American Eagle
Necklace- American Eagle
Grey Boots- Overstock.com
Belt- Charlotte Russe
Headband- Charming Charlies (my love!)

No matter what...I'll never be as cute as Ashley.

So join in and show us YOU!
Hop on over to the party and link those beautiful pictures up!



  1. Thanks so much for commenting on your very own print at my place... I ADORE it! I updated the post with a credit to you and your blog. I hope you get some new followers! love ya a bushel and a peck...

  2. Cute outfit! Lurve me some leggings and boots!!

  3. Just read your profile...who knew! I live in Little Rock!


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