July 15, 2010

Playing with Shutters

Remember this picture from my last post about Habitat for Humanity Restore?

See those shutters at the very bottom?

Well... I"d been looking for those suckers for a long time.
And finally got 'em.

And you know what? I went today to scout out again and I found three more sets- small, medium and large.
Don't worry... they'll be put to good use.

So here are these guys:

These guys were GRIMY.
I must have wiped them down a million times and they still had grime attached.

I took their hinges off so they could be set free... I think it'd be fun to use another pair still together but these I needed seperate.

I gave them a good coat of my favorite Valspar Mediterrean Blue...

I ADORE this color.
I wiped a little brown glaze on them to soften the color a little and of course give it a worn feel.

And they went perfectly in the spot I had envisioned for them:

My entryway.

My mirror was looking a little sad so I had hung my Trust in the Lord hanging but it was still missing something.

The shutters were the perfect solution.
Don't worry... I'm working on the tabletop.

But it just brightens up the entryway for when you just walk in!

See that zebra bowl?
It's already been moved, no need to tell me how gross it looks there :)
Taken care of.

Happy Thursday!


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  1. The shutters look so perfect there! And I adore that color too.. I use it any chance I get. And the Trust in the Lord sign is AMAZING!!! Going to look at that post now.

  2. Love the shutters and the color you chose!

  3. WHERE did you find these awesome shutters??? I adore them!! What a great way to dress up a wall!

  4. AMAZING!! Love the blue! It is super fabulous!

  5. Seriously- come over. I will pay you to do up my house with a few things since I have absolutely NO talent for this type of stuff. You need to start a business. I just love you and am so proud of your talent.

  6. I love the color you painted them. They look great in your foyer and brightens it up!


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