March 28, 2010

Updating a Basket...

One of my favorite things to use in organizing my house is baskets!

The fun thing about them is there are TONS of unique shapes, colors and sizes and they look oh so nice sitting around the house... hiding all the things I don't want lying around the house :)

TJ Maxx is one of my favorite places to get them cheap along with Tuesday morning.

I snagged this one at Tuesday morning:

I actually really loved the color of this basket... but I was completely in love with the shape.

I wanted it to sit on top of me and hubby's dresser and hold all the sundries that pile up there... you know, body spray, deoderant, a watch... things like that.

Our dresser is a dark brown... I wanted this to stand out.

So I gave it a coat of Almond spray paint:

Isn't it bright and pretty?

It needed a little something else to make it special:

These I made just from random scraps of burlap and fabric and a few brads. I assembled the flowers then hot-glued them on.

Just gives it a more contemporary flare.. :)

Nothing huge but I like it

I promise I"ve been up to more than just baskets... but it's sunday and I want a nap :)

Oh... and that whole dreaded school thing tomorrow. I have a statistics test. Yikes.

Just wait... me and little man were playing outside the other day and totally ended up with a fun project.
Just wait!

It's a good one.
Happy sunday everyone!



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