March 01, 2010

So I'm terribly dissapointed in myself and my blogging skills. In fact... just my crafting hobby in general. Apparantly school, a two year old and a husband cut into hobbies. Who knew?

I've been obsessed with blog hopping lately and have so many amazing things I want to do... I've collected most of the the things to do them... but can't square away enough time to get them done. Seriously. It's becoming a problem.

I fell in love with the idea of doing a rag quilt after seeing this one on Kevin and Amandas blog:

Isn't it spectacular? I couldn't resist... I found the most beautiful blue and brown fabrics and had all the supplies I needed... and they just sat there.

See... isn't it pretty?

It took me nearly two weeks what could have probably been done in a couple of days... I loved how it turned out... but was incredibly not happy with the amount of time it took me to get it all done. Completely my fault of course. Well, just my crazy busy life. Plus I had to have a crash course in sewing... which I have decided I will never win any prizes in (but it got the job done!).

Here's my finished masterpiece (not to shabby, eh?)

I was quite proud. The colors make me happy (surpise, huh?). I had the help of the most fabulous tutorial at Picture Perfect blog- go here to check it out.

Hope to get some more projects and tutorials up soon! Happy Monday!


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