March 13, 2010

a few little things...

So today is not a normal day... today I turned 21. Yay yay for me. So I thought that since it's my day, I'd share some things that make me smile!!

Hope they make you smile too!!

A blue and brown tiered cake just because... don't those colors look divine? I almost did my wedding in brown and blue.

The color of 2010!!!!!!!! I was so excited when I found this out... my house it totally in this year with all my turquoise decor.

These AMAZING cupcakes from Because...everyone loves cake. I'm so into ladybugs right now :)

Beautiful canvas with my favorite verse on RedLetterWords blog.

The snowman my little man made a few days ago from my scraps... he says it's 'snowball soup' from the Little Critter book. :)
Crafty, huh?

and lastly...

freshly pedicured toes... and that's where I'm off to go... (no, those are NOT my toes :)

Hope everyone has a fabulous day!!


  1. Well Happy Birthday! I love that brown and blue cake!

  2. Happy 21st Birthday to you!
    That turquoise is my 23 year old's fav color too!

  3. Oh my Kels... want to part with that beautiful snowman made by my fav nephew??? j/k I know you can't but you should have him make me one:) He def takes after his mom. Love you sis and happy birthday!!! We need a craft night asap. Its been a while for me and I am needing something new for my house.. even if its something small.

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! 21 is a big one. . . hope its great! Enjoy getting your toes done, I'm totally jealous!!

  5. great posts! I adore the pieced snowman! ...I's delightful! I'm stopping by from New Friend Friday at TGC. We like similar projects so I'd like to invite you to stop by my place one day this week! until later...


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