March 11, 2010

Anna's Birthday Gift- Flower Girl Album

I've been wanting to go back through and showcase some projects from the past year that just never made it to the blog... since I'm trying to catch up on everything since my wedding (was it really almost a year ago??).

This is an album I made for my sweet Anna- she's kinda an adopted little sister/neice in my life. I've known her since she was born and she's always been attached to me. She was also the flower girl in our wedding (one of two) and so for her birthday gift this year I decided to make her a fun reminder of it. She's such a girly girl and was so stinkin' proud to be a flower girl. She told EVERYBODY she knew so I knew she'd love this...

I got the cutest mini purse album from a friend a while back and needed the perfect occasion to use it- this was it!

All you need is:
*album of your choice (I love using acrylic albums for quick projects like this)
*various scrapbook paper
*ribbon and other embellishments

I put a chipboard monogram on the front and jeweled it up...

...then I tied pink and green ribbons around the handle with some way cute beads...

...on the back I put a chipboard flower and circle that I painted and attached with my big brad...

...the front page just has the event and date printed on vellum with some pink rhinestones...
I took the pages out and laid them flat as I did each page... then I could also trace them on the scrapbook paper with my exacto knife for a perfect shape.

I used various embellishemnts and ribbon throughout the album- just stapled the ribbon and used glue dots for the others. It really didn't matter that they were thick because the album allowed for a lot of chunky-ness.

This ribbon is awesome!! It's a gorgeous felt scroll with self-adhesive backing. I love this stuff..

I LOVE this picture of anna and her daddy... perfect end to the album!!

I loved how it turned out and I loved the look on her face when she opened it... she wanted to show it to everyone. such an easy and fun birthday gift!!

The Girl Creative is having a fun link party to help everyone meet fellow bloggers for what she calls 'new friend friday'- check it out!

The Girl Creative


  1. That is such a sweet, sweet gift! You are my "new friend!" :)

  2. This is so adorable! I am your newest friend! I hope you can follow me too!

  3. Such a cute gift! (I'm a new follower!) TGC New Friend Friday.

  4. Thank you guys! I'm so excited to have new friends :)

  5. How cute! Found you through TGC, following you now!

  6. Hey fellow AR girl! Found you at the New Friend Friday party! You are super talented!
    I am following you for sure!
    I went to drill team camp at UCA years & years ago! {in the olden days}:)

  7. I too found you from TGC-I have been nosing around your blog and you have some really great ideas!
    Really glad to know you!
    Stop by sometime and say hello! Love meeting new people!!

  8. She will treasure that! So creative and fun, thanks for sharing. I'm here from TGC NFF, stop by and visit my blog too!


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