About Me

First off, you should know.
I HATE writing about myself.

I'm not good at it.
I don't really know if you'll find me at all interesting.
And most likely, that's why I put off writing this section until my blog was over a year old.

So... first things first.
At the moment, I am 24
(A youngn' right?)
I'm a momma to the two best kids in the world and just started my big-girl job as an occupational therapist. 
I also have the most amazing husband...our love story is pretty amazing. 
Ask me about it- I'd love to tell you :) 

I adore lots of things.
Here's a quick list...

*taking pictures...lots and lots of them
*tackling DIY projects
*painting (it's my own therapy)
*picking up furniture off the side of the road (I love curbside rescuing!!)
*snuggling on the couch with my family (best thing ever!)
*curling up with a cup of hot coffee & a great book

Little man (up there) is currently six going on twenty.
He's super smart and constantly amazes me with his brilliant little mind.
He likes it when mommy makes 'stuff' and thinks that the whole world is put together with hot glue.

He also thinks that God currently owns a hot glue gun.

Little miss is full of spunk & loves to get down and dirty with me in the garage. 
She'd rather be painting then playing :) 

This past year has been a year full of changes for me. 
A lot of growing & a lot of big decisions.
But ultimately, I think I've learned a lot about who I am and I'm really liking it so far.

It also brought me the most amazing man I could ever ask for & the sweetest little girl. 
Our family is truly a God-given blessing and wouldn't be possible without Him. 

I've definitely learned that I'm a lot stronger than I ever thought 
and that my God is bigger than I ever imagined. 
He's pretty amazing. 

My sweet husby puts up with all my DIY craziness & even dabbles in it a bit himself. 
He's becoming quite the pro with the table saw & he's always there to make me smile and encourage me to do what I love. 

So I get asked all the time...
Why did I start Tattered and Inked?
Well...It started on a whim.
A friend of mine started her own scrapbook kit club and asked me to be a designer on it.
I used to work for our local scrapbook store and agreed quickly.
Many of the other designers had blogs so I just followed the crowd.
I had NO idea what I was doing and the blog certainly didn't take off quickly.

At the beginning of 2010, I really fell in love with the idea of blogging.
I found several I started reading daily and quickly caught on to how the bloggy world runs.
And the rest is history.
I absolutely love meeting all the fabulous people and seeing their amazing projects.
And it's fun to share my projects as well.

I evolved a lot in that first year.
I still love taking pictures but do more for my blog than anything else.
I don't scrapbook very often but use a lot of skills I have from that.
I love decorating my house and doing DIY projects.
I have become addicted to redoing furniture and now collect spraypaint like nothing else.

I hoard pieces of wood, paper and random objects that DO get put to good use eventually.
And I can't wait to keep learning!

A few things you should know about me if we're going to be friends...

  • I'm 100% addicted to Dr. Pepper. If I go a day without it, you will know- it's obvious :)
  • I'm apparantly quite dramatic and use the words 'always' and 'never' too much
    I also like to make up my own words...it happens...
  • I have the memory of an eighty-year old. I cannot remember anything if it's not written down.... so I'm terrible about returning phone calls, texts or planned dates... so I really do love you... I just might forget to call you back...

Lastly...the name.
Remember when I said I used to be an avid scrapbooker?
My two favorite techniques were using ink to distress paper and then tearing or tattering the edges.
I love distressed things.
So thus 'tattered and inked' was born.
And no, this blog is not about tattoos.

If you made it through all of this, we are now completely BFF's.
Just don't expect me to remember to call you back.
Remind me, okay?

I'm so glad you're here!
Pull up a seat and hopefully you'll find something you'll like!!

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  1. I really enjoyed reading your blog! I am old enough to be your Grandmother, in fact, my children are older than you, but I have always felt much younger than my age. I just graduated from college, yes that's right...it was on my bucket list...anyway, I love to be creative, but writing a blog...not so sure...thus my adventure begins and your blog is the third one I read today...keep it up...I find your blog very enjoyable! Wendy

  2. Hey! You are my age! well around it I'm 22 right now! and have kiddo #2 due in a few weeks so we are almost on the same track... except I am not going to college at the moment :) I only started my blog last year and haven't really pushed it much. Thank you for sharing your inspiration!

    -Emily @ House and Hone


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