May 23, 2012

Dealing with life stuff & a quick handmade sign...

It's late.
And i'm overwhelmed. 

I probably should just head to bed now...
but it's one of those 'can't sit still' kind of overwhelmed nights.

There's a million things on my mental to do list
and I just want to cross them all out and tell the whole dang list that it's supposed to be summer.
But I guess that's not how it works.
Sometimes I just don't like being an adult with all this responsibility stuff. 
If you can't tell, I'm totally on a venting rampage.

Please still love me :)

There's been a lot of personal stuff going on with random stressful situations and I just wish life would stop throwing us so many curveballs at the moment and let me breathe. 

Hubby is good at taking everything in stride and telling me that everything will be fine and will work out.
Me? Not so much.
I'm more of the 'fix it now' personality and my head goes crazy trying to sort everything out. 
And to be honest, his 'everything will be fine' take on things sometimes just makes me even more crazy.

And selfishly, I feel a bit put out because I had so many things on my 'crafty to do list' for this summer that just don't seem like they'll be happening after all. 
You know, because of the whole money & time thing that I don't have currently...

Maybe I'm just in that whole limbo period of having my one year of classes left until I'm done.
Which freaks me out a bit, to be honest. 
Being done with school isn't something that has really ever crossed my mind in it's full reality yet. 
And it's scary to think that our lives will be drastically different starting next august. 
Wow. I'm soooo off topic it's not funny.

Which is why I should head to bed :)
I love having you guys around to talk too when my head gets too full of life stuff. 
I just wish we could pull up a chair, grab a cup of tea and hug it out. 
Cuz I need some girlfriend hugs right now. 
Not the whole manly 'don't worry about it' mantra.
I just need a good old fashioned girls night out. 
Wish you guys were closer :/

On to the whole 'handmade sign' thing because that's what you're really here for :)

I made this sign a couple weeks ago for a sweet client and I just love it. 
Nothing super new or fancy about it.
But there's nothing like a good, tried & true, handmade sign.

Isn't it pretty?
I love the brown and cream colors together!!

Little man calls her 'mrs. parrot' whenever she comes over which is way too cute :) 
At least he remembers her last name is some sort of a bird. 

Hope you guys are having a great week so far!
I'm so glad to have you as friends!

Thanks for letting me air out my craziness in my head & then follow it up with fun pictures. 
Totally a normal day for me- :)
Now...heading to that bed...

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  1. Aw...cyber hugs :) Sorry you're feeling so overwhelmed about, well, stuff! Sometimes there's so much of it huh. I hope you do get to do some things on your fun crafty list still!

  2. It's always something. My husband is that same kind of guy, and it drives me crazy sometimes, too. I wish I could be more that like.

    Keep your chin up! Great sign, BTW. I'm guessing Peacock is their last name?

  3. i swear May has been crazy for EVERYONE! and I love that fact that that sign was made with the "george" cartridge! its one of 2 cartridges that i own! lol! i have so many friends with awesome ones that i get to borrow i never feel like spending the money on buying them! lol! so heres to hoping we all have a much better june & july!!!!

  4. Kelsey, you are amazing! You have so much on your plate right now but you still took the time to help me with my dresser redo - thank you! I really hope things get less stressful for you - but from what I can tell, you're handling it with much grace :)

  5. Hang in there Girl! You got this.. you are so strong, talented, amazing mom and wife- breathe in and out! :) Thinking of you! Love that Sign!!!!

  6. Im so with you right now! Ive been so overwhelmed with unforseen life changes that I had a good ol fashion cry in the car the other day! Bawled like a baby and pouted the whole day. I still feel overwhelmed, but I'm just hoping and praying that God is putting all these changes in our life for better things! Here's hoping things get easier for all of us!


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