April 18, 2012

Things That Make Me Smile

My sweet friend, Kara, from Mine for the Making did a great post yesterday that got my wheels turning!

If you read my post from Monday, you might have gathered that it's a tough week here at the Hall house.
Just pure craziness, really.

I really shouldn't be complaining because there are a lot worse things in life than just being busy.
But I'm just plain overwhelmed. 

So reading Kara's post yesterday made me start thinking about all the things that have made me smile lately...
which is good to think on since the craziness tends to overshadow all the smiles lately :)

So I thought I'd let myself be inspired by her and share the things that have me smile lately!!!
Thanks Kara!!

Here goes:

...Seeing little man play his first T-ball game this week! He did so good and it was hilarious seeing his little team learning the ropes!

 ...seeing hubby and little man bond together with T-ball. Love my boys!

Finding a way cute dress at Old Navy that was pretty much meant to be for me :)
(with a cute belt added of course!)

Hearing rain fall when we went to bed the other night.
There's nothing more relaxing than hearing rain while you're falling asleep.
I so needed it. Thanks, Arkansas :)

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Having only seven days left in class until the semester ends and clinicals start!
I'm soooooo ready to be done with this semester!!

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Working on superhero projects for little man's birthday party this weekend.
It's a little crazy and I'm scared I won't get everything done...but I so love making things fun for him!!

So pass the love along and remember to SMILE!!!
(Thanks, Kara, for reminding me to)

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Hope you guys are having a good week.
Have I told you lately that I appreciate you guys and the awesomeness you bring to me every. single. day?
Because I so do.

Happy Wednesday :)

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  1. Hands down the total truth. These are the posts that make me smile. Your little man with big man photo- simply adorable. Loved it. You WILL get everything done mom, don't worry and even if you don't, his SMILE will will make that OK. Keep rocking out the 7 days- been thinking of you! You GOT this!! Sending you over some Jen Love! :)

  2. Awww...Kelsey. You are so sweet. Im so glad that my post inspired you...sometimes in our busy lives we have to just step back for a moment and remember what makes us smile. And I LOVE your "list." Your super hero stuff is looking SO awesome! Little dude's birthday will be AWESOME! No matter what ;)

  3. What a great bunch of reasons to smile (especially your guys)! Thanks for the reminder that even in the midst of craziness, there are always reasons to be grateful and smile! Good luck with everything you have coming up and remember that you can do this!

  4. These are good reasons to smile so to be happy. Enjoy everyday with your family.
    You live in Arkansas so you like rain... I live both in Paris, France and London, UK and I'm fed up with rain... I want sun and heat! lol
    Have a nice week and ;)


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