April 30, 2012

Guest Post: Four Marrs & One Venus (Scrabbled out Address Plaque)

Hi there Tattered and Inked readers!
 I am so happy that Kelsey asked me to come on over and hang at her place today! First, I LOVE Tattered and Inked, Kelsey and all her amazing projects- I would be absolutely Crazy to pass up this opportunity! 
So, Thank you once again girl for having me!
Here is the 4-1-1 on me:

My name is Jen

I have been blogging for 4 months now and LOVE it! 
Over at my little space you will find 3 cute boys and 1 Stud!
{and of course, recipes, crafts, this and thats}

Today I brought a little something special to share with you!
Now when I think of Tattered and Inked, 2 things come to mind:
Spray Paint
The Color Teal

{Am I right?}

Kelsey turned me on to Spray Painting, and I can't get enough of it!
I dare you to try it once. just once. and the next day you will have that can out again, spraying something else. It is that addicting...and she did warn me, but I just Love what it does! I am addicted.

I have this problem.

You see ever since we had the house painted {over a year ago} we never put the address numbers back.

My mind got to thinking, and then my hands to creating!

Scrabbled Out Address Plaque
Say What?

And Then...

AND all done!

Set that baby up out front, with some Blooming Pals-and Wa-laa!

Hope you all enjoyed this little creation! You can find me and all my other fun creations over at my little Space, so feel free to come over and say hi!  

Thanks again Kelsey for having me today, I really enjoyed being here!

April 27, 2012

Wrapping it all up: Wreaths, Doors & Printables

We've reached the end of what I have to offer superhero-wise!
(At least for this party!!)

This was my favorite party to do so far since there were so many fun things to do with it!
I had a couple little things I wanted to share with you to wrap up Superhero Party week here :)

Remember my door backdrop for the food table?

I'm a TOTAL cabinet hoarder and I literally have close to sixty cabinet doors stacked in my garage.
But I use them for e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.ng.
And they were perfect for making a somewhat foldable backdrop for the table.

I started with these mismatched guys...all varying a little in height.

 And I painted them alternately in black and white gloss spraypaint.
Then I just used their hinges to attach them to each other.
They don't fold together all nice and compact but they do fold in enough to make a small triangle for pretty easy storage.
I tried to make them colors that I could use for all sorts of things.

I LOVE how they turned out and you can definitely expect to see them showing up in other events around here :) 

Next up with this little guy:

Now if there's anything that comes close to my love for spraypaint and cabinet doors... it would most definitely be wreaths.

I'm kind of obsessed with them.
And yes, it may be a little silly to try and make one each year for differently themed birthday parties.

So...well, I don't make different ones.
I use the SAME wreath base and just change it up a little.
It's one of the easiest things to do for little man's party now

Check out the past three years of the little red burlap wreath below:

It would be easy to think looking at all the parties seperately that I make them each year but I'm not that awesome!

I made the red burlap forms three years ago and they have worked each year since!
I just wrapped a regualar wreath form in red burlap, & secured with hot glue.

Then every birthday, I just change out the embellishments.
His third birthday was dog-themed so they were dog collars, his fourth birthday was pirate-y so I literally just glued a little pirate ship to them.
This year I wrapped a wooden 'five' in washi tape and then attached a few stars from my superhero print I made.
So next year, I can just switch it out again!!

Notice that the burlap has frayed a little more each year... love that!!!

So I just keep my two (I made one for each back door) wreaths stored in my birthday bins year-round.
They're super handy to pull out and re-use!!

And last, but certianly not least, the rest of my superhero printables that I have for you!!

I've got four different cupcake toppers & the costume table sign!!

I used four different designs for my cupcake toppers but you can print & use whatever you want.
I put a "5" on the red chevron ones and "super ryan" on the word one.
I'm giving them to you blank so you can add whatever you like!!

Superhero Cupcake Toppers

Click Below to Download:

Costume Table Sign
This can be framed and placed on a table filled with fun superhero costumes or by a DIY photobooth of sorts! Let them know to dress up and have some fun :)

Printables are intended as gifts for Tattered and Inked readers only.
As with all my free printables,
these are for personal use ONLY.
Please do not claim them as your own or alter them.

I hope you've enjoyed superhero week as much as I have!!!

Next week, I'm heading to Lafayette, LA for my two-week clinicals there- excited & a little nervous at this point!!
But I'll be having some AWESOME guest posters hanging over here all next week so be sure to check in and give them some love- you won't want to miss them!!
They're pretty fabulous :) 

Have a great weekend guys & be sure to send any superhero pictures to tatteredandinked@Yahoo.com!!
I'd love to see anything you do with any of the printables I've shared!!

For a full list of all my superhero printables, visit the bottom of
this post.

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April 26, 2012

Superhero Printable Banner!!!

So I'm back for our last little get-together for the day!!

And it's a quick one but so fun :)

Remember this set-up from my superhero party??

I wanted a cute banner to hang from the cabinet door backdrop but didn't have a lot of time to get one made.
So I decided to design a quick printable one and I looovvee it.
It was super quick to get done and didn't lose any of the cute factor just because it was printed.
At least to me it didn't :)

I spelled out "Welcome Heroes",  printed out each banner seperately and punched holes on either side of them at the top.
I used twine to string them from the cabinet doors.

And you know I wouldn't leave you hanging, right?

So I'm including links to download each letter.
Make sure you get enough of the ones you need- the e's are both used twice and so is the red o.

I printed mine as 5x7s so I could fit two per sheet of cardstock.

Click below to download:

Printables are intended as gifts for Tattered and Inked readers only.
As with all my free printables,
these are for personal use ONLY.
Please do not claim them as your own or alter them.

I so hope you enjoy using these printables!!
I know they sure made preparing for the party a little easier for me but still gave me a little extra fun factor that I wouldn't have had time to do otherwise :)

What are your thoughts about using a printable banner?
Does it lose too much of the cute, handmade factor to you?

Hope you guys have had a great day
I'll be back tomorrow with some more superhero fun!!
'Nite guys- I'm off to study for my LAST final!!

For a full list of all my superhero printables, visit the bottom of
this post.

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DIY Wooden Cupcake Tower

Cupcakes seem to be all the rage right now, don't they??

We had cupcakes last year for little man's party and this year he wanted them again and I was totally fine with that!
Because I really really wanted an excuse to make a cute cupcake tower.

Last year, for the pirate party, I went the whole plate & candlestick tower route.
But I wanted something a little more durable & not-so-scary to store this time around.

Plus, I may have used some of the cute striped plates from last year on my plate wall...
so we needed a new cupcake tower!
Enter the DIY wooden cupcake tower...

I have some awesome scrap banister pieces from when my parent's remodeled their house that I had been dying to use.
So I built my idea around them and went from there.

Here's what I gathered:

(I'm telling you materials for ONE tower, I made two. So if you want to make two as well, make sure to double what's on the list)


*One Rectangle Unfinished Wood Piece (Hobby Lobby)
*One Oval Unfinished Wood Piece (Hobby Lobby)
*Long screws (I used deck screws)
*Four feet (I used generic wooden knobs)
*One mini wooden candlestick (Not pictured)
*One Wooden Ball (Not pictured)
*Candlestick/Banister for middle piece
(I used my banister piece, but you could use a regular wooden candlestick instead)  

I was just trying to use mostly what I had on hand which is why I used wooden knobs as feet.
You can be creative with this and use blocks, large beads, spools, etc. for your feet.
I just loved how they looked like mini bun feet on the bottom :)

They were going to be painted, so it didn't matter what color they were, as long as they were the same shape. 

For the middle section support, I used one of my banister peices and made cuts to get the piece I wanted with my miter saw.

For extra support (I wanted them to be pretty durable)
I used long screws to attach the banister piece to the bottom level and the top level.
I just screwed the bottom piece from underneath and the top piece was going to have an embellishment on top so you wouldn't see the screw when you were done.

I used hotglue to add the mini wooden candlestick and wooden ball to the top.
Just to look pretty :)

Then I painted everything white.

Lastly, to get a cute finished look on the edges, I used some washi tape!
I LOVE this stuff and found mine at Target.
It's basically a paper tape so it's really easy to peel off if I ever get tired of it or want to change it for different events.

I went around both the top level and the bottom level edges and just smoothed the tape down as I went.

The little knob feet were painted white and then hotglued on too.

Not too bad, right??
And a way cute place for your cupcakes to sit...

There's a million different ways to make your own...just be creative and look around at what you already have!
You never know what's lying around, waiting to be turned into something fabulous!!

I love these towers because I'll be able to use them over and over again.
Plus I can change the colors whenever I get tired of the black and white tape.

What do you think?
Do you need a cupcake tower for your next party??

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Linking to:

Superhero Invites & Swag Bags

I could seriously spend about two weeks sharing superhero-themed posts!
So cramming everything I want to show you into four days is TOUGH.

I did so many DIY projects for little man's birthday to try and keep thing personalized (and cheap of course!) so if it's too much superhero overload...I'm sooo sorry!!

But it's kinda fun too :)

I shared some fun superhero food ideas yesterday after the big party reveal...
and I've got several posts coming up today to share all kinds of goodies with you!

Up first...getting your heroes to the party and some fun superhero swag bags!!

I surfed all over the internet for some inspiration for superhero invites and there are tons of ideas out there!
I ended up playing around on picnik one afternoon and came up with this:

I made the background from all kinds of superhero comic words and ended up printing a strip of that right onto the envelopes as well.
I had to make my computer really love me in order to coax it do that correctly.
But I love how they turned out!

And because I love you guys SO much,
I'm including a blank invite download just for you!
Just download it from the site, then use your favorite editing program (I use picmonkey.com now) and add the words into the bubbles.
I put our address under the 'Superhero training headquarters'. 

And of course, our heroes couldn't leave without some super awesome swag bags.
I set them up on a little table I had by the front gate so they could get them as they left.

A little red crate that I had held them all perfectly :)

What's inside??
All kinds of awesomeness!!

*A couple of superhero crayons from Michaels (Dollar Spot)
*DIY Mini Coloring Book
*DIY Superhero Magnets
*Superhero Candy (Dollar Store) 

The magnets were little man's favorite part!!
Want to know how to make your own?
They're super easy!!

*Blank Wood Pieces (from Hobby Lobby- I got squares & circles)
*Mod Podge
*Black Paint
*Magnet Printables (in whichever shape you use)
*Craft Magnet Strips

1. Gather your needed supplies.

2. Print off the Magnet printables (downloads below).
I inserted them into a Word document so I could manipulate them into the sizes I needed. It's a little trial and error but then you can copy & paste them so you get a whole sheet.
Print them on white cardstock.

3. Paint your squares & circles with black craft paint.

4. Cut all your printables out (I used a straight-edge cutter & circle punch)

5. Modpodge all the printables onto each wooden shape. Make sure to give them a top coat too.

6. Cut pieces of craft magnets, peel off the back and attach to each wooden piece.

Now you have some way cute (and incredibly unique) magnets to give to your little heroes!
Little man LOVED helping to make these!

I also printed off a cover page for some DIY coloring books:

I found some superhero coloring pages online and printed them on cardstock.
Then I just folded the cardstock paper in half & used a piece of thin string to tie the books together in the middle. 

Put all your goodies into a clear treat bag, tie with a piece of thin ribbon and attach a little thank you tag!

Fun & easy way to have unique swag for your heroes!
Plus you'll be a hero in your kiddos eyes for having the coolest treats around :)

You didn't think I'd leave before giving you a few more freebies, did you??

How about a BUNCH more freebies?

Like some of your own blank thank you tags.
Upload them into your favorite photo editor and add your own thank you message!!

Click below to download:

Here are the four different designs for the square magnets.
I used them in Word to get the size I wanted and then printed whole sheets of them.

Click below to download:

For the circle magnets, I used a circle punch which made it super easy to get them done.
Size them according to your wooden circles!

Click below to download:

And lastly, a little swag sign to set out to announce where your heroes can pick up their treats!

I printed mine out as a 5x7 which only took up half a piece of cardstock.
So I folded the paper in half and set it up that way on the table.
But you could stick it in a cute frame or hang it with ribbon too.

I so hope you enjoy the free printables!!
They were fun to make and I know it definitely makes it easier when you have a little bit of freedom in creating your own things :)
Not to mention that even though ink is a bear to buy, it's still cheaper than buying all store-bought things!!

Printables are intended as gifts for Tattered and Inked readers only.
As with all my free printables,
these are for personal use ONLY.
Please do not claim them as your own or alter them.

I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments on what you think about the superhero swag and invites!!!

I'll be back later today with a fun DIY building project :)
One of my fave things I did for the party- so be on the lookout!!

For a full list of all my superhero printables, visit the bottom of
this post.

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