February 13, 2012

It's a Snow Day (And other randomness)

The weather has had snow in the forecast for today all weekend
so we've been keeping our fingers crossed that Arkansas wouldn't be moody and decide not to give it to us.

It delivered :)

So we're having a snow day today-
our first all year!

And very likely our last all year too.

So little man and I are watching movies, making snow ice cream and puttering around the house.

I really just don't have anything clever for today.
It's that awkward feeling of Valentine's being tomorrow but it being too late to really put up anything for it.
And not quite soon enough to post any of my fun spring projects I've been dying to show you.

So I gots nothing, guys.

Except for the cute valentine I made up for little man to give all his grandparents.

I used the Jenga Block Photo shoot to come up with it and I think it turned out cute...

He's giving them out tomorrow :)

Oh- and don't forget that I'm having a fun giveaway over on my Facebook page!!
It ends tonight so get your entries in :)

Love you guys!

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