February 01, 2012

Family Heart Project

Every now and then my four year old has better ideas than me.

Dead serious.
I sit there and look at him for a minute and am just like 'wow, that's a great idea!'

He's the best :)

So when he saw me cutting out shapes for my big project (that I'll be showing you soon) with my new jigsaw,
he watched and watched.
*You could totally see the gears turning*
And then asked me if I could cut out hearts.

Now, it was my first time ever using my jigsaw.
And I was saw happy.
Plus I couldn't say no to that chubby face when he asks me to make something for him.

So I said sure.
Then he said I needed to make three hearts.
One for mommy, one for daddy and one for him.

And our family hearts were born.

And he even begged for us to take pictures with them.
What the what?
I love that my four year old was in charge of the design concept and the photo shoot.
Totally my kid.

Don't judge.
I'd been out with the saw all day.
And hubby's afro was out of control :)

Then we each got to paint our hearts.
I just nicely asked hubby to please not paint it a bright orange.
He was totally just trying to rebel against our 'normal' house colors.
So he went with green instead.

Aren't they cute?

If you've been here long you totally know which one mine is.
The blue one with pretty white stenciling?
Why yes...it is.

Hubby did his green then allowed little man to pick the stencil.
It ended up being our wedding colors which was unintentionally sweet.

Little man went paint happy and I love all the swirls in his.
He helped put his little stencil on too :)

I dug out our chalkboard and made a quick "I love you because..." board.
That way we can leave love notes when we're feeling nice :)

And our family hearts can guard it.

I love that we each have a heart that was handpainted by us.
And I can't even claim the idea.

Because my four year old just outdid me.
And I'm totally ok with that.

Do your kiddos like to craft with you?
Any special projects you've made with them lately??

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  1. Love this idea! My five would have ablast decorating their own heart! Thanks for the post!!!
    ~Jen @ hutchinsonherd.blogspot.com

  2. Such a cute idea! Way to go little man! :) How are you LOVING your jigsaw? I want one badly!! The hearts are adorable and I love them with the chalkboard!

  3. Adorable! Don't you love the creative things that kids come up with? They are so imaginative and this project is so great!

  4. So, so sweet! I love it when they come up with awesome ideas. Your hearts are adorable.
    Laurie :)

  5. So lovely...sometimes its the simple things that mean so much!
    Cath @ Home is Where my Heart is: http://cathhasablog.blogspot.com/

  6. I love that your son took charge! Great job!

  7. Love your family heart project! :) It's so fun to craft with kids.
    thank you for linking up AND linking back to catch as catch can

  8. Such a great idea! I'm off to buy some hearts. ;)


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