February 22, 2012

Closet Transformation with a Little Help from Elfa

First off,
I should probably tell you guys that I am NOT in any way being asked or paid to do this post :)

I was simply SO excited about finally getting my closet usable and organized again that I absolutely had to share it with you.
Cuz I love you guys and all.

So now that that is out of the way,
let's move on to the disaster of the closet I was working with.

We have tiny closets in our master but at least there are two of them so that we each have one.
That's our saving grace.
But I may have a tiny bit of a shopping problem.
Ok a big one :)

I love clothes and I love finding good deals...and I love love shopping.
So that's a problem when one has a super tiny closet with just the one hanging rod and shelf.

Need proof?
Check it.

I had given up hope long ago.
Thus all the clothes sitting in piles on the floor.

It's kind of horrifying to show you these pictures.
I guess it's a test of my trust that you'll still love me, huh??

So lovely hubby promised that he would get it installed for me and he and my dad worked all this past saturday picking it up and getting it installed.
I love them :)

So they headed to The Container Store to grab my already pre-ordered Elfa.
(Me and mom had gone in a couple weeks ago to get it designed for my closet!!)

Here it is in process:

If you want a great tutorial on how to install it and why it's so much better than the stuff you can get at Lowes, check out The Borrowed Abode's tutorial on putting hers in.
It's great.

It really didn't take them long at all.
The longest part was actually me sorting through my clothes to figure out what was going where and what to get rid of.

Simon enjoyed being right up in the middle of everything, as usual.

Are you ready to see what I could do with it after???

Ah. Bliss.

This corner of my room is so dang hard to get a picture of.
But the difference is amazzzzing.
(Yup, it totally deserves all those z's)

Can you believe such a tiny space can hold all that??

The greatest thing about The Container Store is that the Elfa specialist draws up plans for your EXACT space and designs it down to how many drawers, shelves and rods you want to get in there.

You can also add shoe racks, wood trim and valet hooks to any of the systems.
I was SO excited when I saw it all drawn up.

And those drawers hold a TON of clothes.
I hoard jeans and those middle two drawers were able to contain all of them.
That's a feat.

I was able to get three hanging areas- one for just shirts and blouses, one for dresses and skirts and the last small area for dressy shirts and tanks.

Everything else tucked into drawers or into baskets sitting on the shelves.

It worked wonders!!
Check out the side by side views:

I'll admit,
I've kept the closet doors open just to look at for the past few days.
I'm an organization junkie.

And to answer the question I know is coming...
Yea...it's a little pricey.
But get it when it's on sale and sit back and sigh in relief when you don't have clothes attacking you from all angles when you reach in to grab something.
It's totally, 100% worth it.

The MAJOR perks of using Elfa:

1. You get it designed exactly for your space so it utilizes every inch of your area you want to use.

2. It's incredibly easy to install- no millions of screws or anchors.

3. It's moveable so it can grow with you. (perfect for kids so you can rearrange it as their clothes grow!!)

4. It has tons of options for drawers, shelves and rods- and you can dress them up a bit with wood accents.

5. They're incredibly durable- hubby pulled down on the rod with all his strength and it wouldn't budge (and he's strong!!!)

No. More like 145,799,553% worth it.
That should seal the deal, right?

What's your biggest problem closet??

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  1. Holy Schmoly! Looks great! I can't believe all your jeans in those 2 drawers- that is awesome! I keep scrolling up.. thinking wow...this system is pretty dang cool! Nice job and a big high-five to the team who installed that bad boy! (hubs and dad) !! Love it! So... whatcha gonna wear tomorrow? EEEKKK!!

  2. Looks incredible! I love it! :)


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