January 18, 2012

The Evolution of my Blue Living Room Part 2: Decor Details

I'm super excited that you guys liked my post yesterday about my living room transformation :)

To be honest, I was a bit nervous since it was my first time sharing an ENTIRE room of mine here on the blog.
I always feel like things aren't quite finished and that it doesn't look nearly as perfect as all the other blogs I read.

But well, then I realized I just needed to get over it.
It's my house in real life.
And even if you guys hadn't liked it, I know that I love it and that's what matters, right?

That and little man telling me that it's the prettiest room in the world :)
Ah, if all men knew how to sweet-talk like a four year old.

On to the fun part- showing you guys the deets!

*Warning: Picture heavy*
But surely you guessed that already!!

One last look of how far it's come...
Check out the whole post on that here.

I love this view of the room when you're standing in the kitchen.
It's a lot of color and prettiness at once :)

I did the 'art wall' quite a while ago- it was one of the first few projects I posted about!!
It's gone through a couple changes but nothing huge.

Although I have something big brewing that might bring about a replacement...
We shall see.

And of course, my lovely little table that replaced the horrid one we started with.
My bowl of balls and faux tiled tray both sit on top.
And of course a whole pile of DIY magazines :)

And since I have a love affair with pillows- there are a pile of colorful ones :)

I'll be sharing the secret behind a few of them tomorrow.
Let's just say they were che-ap.

And I'm still in love with my brown couch!!

If you've been reading very long, you know my favorite thing to decorate in the house is my mantle.
Even more so now that it has gorgeous trim to glam it up a bit!!

I shared my spring mantle last year and cannot wait to share the full reveal of this year's version.
Just a couple more touches and it'll be all ready!!
Yup, we're a skip-straight-from-Christmas-to-spring house around here.

A five dollar Goodwill shelf sits tucked in the corner holding various items throughout the seasons.
Right now it's sporting quite a bit of yellow :)

But it'll be all valentines'd out soon.

My trunk that I redid quite a while ago also sits in the corner holding several of my million blankets.
I get super cold...

On the other side of the mantle is the bar in the kitchen.
I love that it gives me some hanging room still :)

My distressed subway art hangs there most of the year with an occasional wreath to keep them company.

My refinished stools are a cute contrast to the white counters, aren't they?
If you scroll quickly up to the very first 'before' picture you can see them as they were when we got the house.

They've come quite a ways.

I added a couple metal shelf brackets under the bar to give it a little more interest.
They originally held shelves in my craft room but I like them better here :)

Little man keeps his cars tucked in the corner in a basket.
Cuz a kid really does live here and all :)

This is kind of a boring picture but I figured you needed to be reassured that we have a tv somewhere in here.
It's tucked along a tiny wall between the kitchen and a long coat closet we have.

It's a monster and the wall behind didn't need to compete with it so a simple starburst mirror is the only thing that hangs there.

I changed the knobs out on the entertainment center for a quick new look and love it.
And all our Wii remotes and games fit neatly into the baskets.

I might regret showing you this picture.
Considering it's of shoes, of all things.

But it's a lifesaver for me so I had to share it :)
Little man knows to come in and immediately take off his shoes to throw in the basket.
He even helps daddy get his there when he forgets!

I love that it keeps them contained and keeps my floors somewhat less nasty :)

The other side of the room consists of hubby's man-chair.
And of course, Simon had to get it on the action.

I love that we were able to get a little more seating in the narrow room and it's definitely hubby's favorite spot to take a nap :)
I'd love to replace it one day with a nice leather one but for now, it'll do.

I can't forget to show you the stool turned table in it's new home!!
Although it doesn't always stay pretty- hubby likes to take it over most of the time.

My yellow harlequin table brightens up the very back corner and was the perfect size to fit in that nook which made me crazy happy!

It holds a bunch of my decor that I change out a lot- vases, pictures, fillers.
Perfect storage area.

I blew up my 'one day can bend your life' print to a 16x20 and framed it over the table.
I love that it brings a little of my personality and art into the room :)

I'm still in love with my spraypainted vases and am still amazed that they're still in one piece!

And of course the fabulous chevron rug that you all love :)
I had to give you one last glimpse of it.

All in all,
I'm so happy with how it turned out and I think it's the room that showcases my growth as a DIY-er the most.

Looking back on all it's gone through shows me how much I've learned and branched out!!
And I've been so blessed to have fabulous readers like you to support and inspire me!!

So if I haven't told you lately how much I appreciate you- I do so so much!!

I'd love to hear your opinions about the rest of the room!
What's your favorite part?
Thanks so much for reading and sticking by me :)

If you have any questions about anything I didn't mention, let me know and I'll try my best to answer them!!!

Don't forget to check back tomorrow to see more about my blue pillows!!
Happy wednesday guys :)

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  1. Love the new look! My master is in that blue and brown and a hint of yellow! Good Taste! I have thought of painting my paneled walls but have never fearing that it would be too difficult to paint in the groove!
    Great Work!
    ~Jen @ hutchinsonherd.blogspot.com

  2. Your room looks absolutely awesome!! I'm in love with your yellow cabinet and painted vases! Saw you linked up over at a turtles life for me! Ty for sharing!

  3. Your room looks absolutely awesome!! I'm in love with your yellow cabinet and painted vases! Saw you linked up over at a turtles life for me! Ty for sharing!

  4. Your room is darling - you have so much detail and it is all so fun! I love the LIVE wall and your new fireplace face - the room just ties together so nicely! Well done! Stopping by from TT&J


  5. I love it! That yellow cabinet is gorgeous and I just love the color! It looks like a real house that people live in and play games in and I just adore it! Thanks for sharing at my party!


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