January 02, 2012

An Array of Projects and Playing Catch Up!

I feel like I've been away forever.

I took most of last week off just to spend my my boys and get some much-needed relaxation.
I've avoided thinking about the s-word but it starts up next week so we'll leave it at bay for now.

I hope you guys had a fabulous holiday break!!

I have so many fun things to share with you and am so excited about what 2012 holds!
I'm dangerously close to 1000 followers on this here blog which is freaking amazing!
I never in a million years would have thought I'd be here, at this point.
I mean, that's a lot of you guys that think I'm worth a few minutes during your day :)


a few quick updates on my christmas/new years break thus far....

1. There has been NO snow nor has there been any really 'cold' weather here in Arkansas. Kind of depressing really but makes for good spraypaint weather :)
2. I got the 'itch' to redo something so my master bedroom is on the chopping block. Get ready for a fun room reveal coming up in the next few months.
3. Little man has become quite the little interview-er since watching part of the Rockin New Years Eve Party- he has a whole pretend microphone and everything. Love it.
4. Little man is also slowly starting to become a daddy's boy. Ack. He says 'like a man' for everything. Oh boy.
5. Sadly, santa didn't bring me a Silhouette for Christmas but I got tons of cool stuff that is going to make this year verrrrry interesting. Promise.

Oh. And I updated my Facebook page to be a bit prettier :) Fun stuff.

Is that enough about me?

How about some fun projects I did for christmas presents that I couldn't put up on the blog?

Ok then.
Let's get to it.

I made some fun (and WAY easy) necklaces for a bunch of people this year.

I made quotes to fit & used fabric and paper to dress them up.
I added little charms to each one.
They were quite a hit and I may have made one for myself too... I can't resist a fun necklace.

Aren't they pretty?
The rise and ride one is for my horse-crazed sister :)

Another fun project was some personalized beer mugs.
Big hit for the guys :)

And...um...one dollar.
Cuz I already had the etching cream from previous projects.
Yay for cheap and awesome.
That's an "M" on the front one- you try taking pictures of these guys- ack!

Remember my huge stack of cut wood I showed you guys wayyyy back?
I made amazing use of these guys.

My 4x4 blocks became these fun guys...

I was a block making machine this Christmas.
They were the Perfect gift for almost everyone- and super quick to do.
I made one in 10 minutes when I realized I needed something quick!
And they're so fun to personalize.

These ones were for grandparents...

And of course, had a silly picture of little guy on the backs.

I made my mom a teapot set because she's building a new house that includes an awesome nook to show off her collection.
I thought these would be way cute sitting with them!!

And thebacks are way fun to look at...

Just buy a coordinating pack of scrapbook paper so it's easy to make them and have them all match.
I used a different pattern on each side- usually only using 2-3 sides for pictures or quotes.

And lastly, I fell in love with these scrabble tiles on Pinterest and made several!
I'm in love with walnut stain and thought it turned out so pretty!

Which one is your favorite?
I'm thinking a giveaway is in order soon so tell me what you would most like :)

I'm happy to be back in the blogging swing of things so I'll have some fun tutorials going on this week!
Thanks for being the best followers ever!!!

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  1. Very cute!

    i tried my hand at scrabble blocks once, it didn't turn out nearly as well! LOL

  2. Those projects are so cute! I love the scrabble tiles (that walnut stain is fabulous)!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Love the necklaces. My knees go a little weak for custom jewelry of any kind.

  4. I love the photo and image blocks you created with your scrap wood!

    I've been meaning to make photo blocks for 2 years and still haven't gotten around to it - definitely on my 2012 list of projects to complete!

    I hope you'll come by the Knick of Time Tuesday party and share these tonight!

    Angie @ Knick of Time

  5. I really like those scrabble tiles - they're amazing!!

  6. Love the scrabble tiles!!!! Can you do a quick tutorial???

  7. Love them all--the scrabble pieces are my favorite!

  8. WOW. Girl, you were seriously busy. I love so many of these projects! I've been wanting to try the Scrabble tiles forever. And those cubes are so personalized and fun... what a fun gift! And I'm still chuckling about the personalized beer glasses. Well done friend!!

  9. I really love the photo blocks!! Great idea!

    Terri Miller

  10. I do love the scrabble tiles, but I love the necklaces too! The blocks are adorable as well! You have been busy!


  11. The tiles came out great! And I saw those huge mugs at the Dollar Tree too but I couldn't figure out who to give them to and what to do. My cousin glued some fleur-di-list charms on some and they came out really nice. But I like the glass etching you did too.

  12. Great ideas, Kelsey! I love them, and I'm sure the people you gave them to love them as well!

  13. Thanks for posting this! I'm trying to find information on Groomsmen Gifts and this has definitely helped me in this process.


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