December 06, 2011

Pottery Barn Knock-off Ornament Display Board

This project is a little nerve-wracking for me.
Not because I don't think you'll like it.

But because it's pretty much my first ever 'knock-off' project (besides Pinterest stuff!)
so I feel like I'm taking a big step here :)

I'm always super excited to get my new Pottery Barn magazines and always have to set aside some good 'browsing time' to go through it.
I always dog-ear my favorite pages with fun projects on it and their Christmas magazines were no exception.

I found this page in their November edition:

Hopefully you see where the blaringly red arrow is pointing too.
A random gorgeous ornament display board they have perched on top their shelf unit.
It isn't actually listed for sale but you know if it was, it'd be a good 200 bucks or something like it.

oh let's say...three bucks.
Yup guys.
Not even lying.

I dog-eared that page and thought about it.
And thought about it.
And kept thinking about it.
I went on an all-out search for the perfect round piece of wood.
I really wanted something stain-able but I found NOTHING.

So after my third or so week of scouring goodwill, habitat and all kinds of random stores for a piece of circular type wood... I decided it just wasn't happening.
I don't have the saw to make it.
And I didn't want a square one.

So imagine my happy little heart when I saw this little beauty chilling on the SIDE OF THE ROAD on my way home.
I squealed, guys.
And hubby thought I was insane for dragging this piece into the garage with such a big smile on my face....

Oh yes.
It's definitely the top to one of those three-legged tables tons of people have.
I tore the one remaining leg off of it and went to town trying to sand that thing.

I knew it wouldn't ever be smooth so staining it was a complete no-go.
And painting it would still leave that rough texture.
So I got frustrated.

And then Hobby Lobby rescued me with these:

Scrapbook paper!
Of course :)

If I can't paint it to look like the wood I want, then I'll just PRETEND it's the wood I want.
Perfect logic.

So I gathered my supplies:
*Adhesive of some sort (I ended up just using Mod Podge)
*Scrapbook paper of your choice
*Exacto Knife
*Wood circle Plaque
*Small cup hooks

Before you start, spraypaint the edges of your board whatever color you want so you don't have to worry about it later.
I just did mine in black.

I first laid all the paper out to match up exactly the way they needed too.
This was fun, guys.

I didn't try to cut the paper yet though.
I ended up using the Mod Podge (and lots of it!) to adhere the paper to the board.
I started in the middle and then just worked my way out.

Once all the pieces of paper were on pretty well,
I flipped the board over and used my exacto knife to cut the excess paper off from around the edges.

I had some white cup hooks on hand but wanted a darker color so I spraypainted them Oil-rubbed bronze.
Pretty :)

Then I just screwed them in various places onto the board.

And there you have it!
A beautiful ornament display board with a Pottery Barn look but NOT a Pottery Barn price :)

Doesn't the faux wood look amazing?
How's that for something that was formerly going to the dump?

This picture was taken during the process of making all my fun ornaments...

And it was the perfect centerpiece for my Christmas mantle.
I knew I wanted to use this for the main piece so I made everything else to go with it :)

Although I still think it would be fun to have real stained wood... and maybe do some fun typography on it...
I love the look of my faux wood ornament display!!!

And I only ended up paying for the scrapbook paper and cup hooks.
Not bad.

What do you think?
Do you like my three dollar version better?

You can check out pics of the rest of my mantle here if you want :)

And I'd love to see your mantles, so if you get the chance, head over to my facebook page and post some links or pictures!!!

See you guys tomorrow with some more holiday fun!!!!

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  1. I saw this the other day and wondered what it was! I totally get it now, and it looks awesome. I love the idea. You did an amazing job. And yes, $3 is much better :)

  2. I had totally planned on doing a knock off of this but never got around to've given me some inspiration, thanks!!!

  3. It really is gorgeous and I think I like it better than PB's!! Great job:) That is an awesome price too!

  4. CUUUUUTE! I love all of your mantel display but especially that little coca cola beauty :)

  5. All the decorations on the mantle and the colors on your walls are absolutely stunning. This is the perfect color palatte. I would love if you linked to

  6. Hey! Great minds think alike! I did the same thing with a sign that I personally ruined. I never noticed that circle ornament holder in the PB catalog, but you can't even tell yours isn't the "real" deal. Great knock-off work!

  7. I like your price much better. I am a new follower.
    Donna G.


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