November 11, 2011

My Crazy Family

Right before classes started for the semester, we decided to try and get some family pictures done.

A friend of mine recently started her own photography business and was wanting to get some good family pictures for her portfolio so she offered to take them for free :)
You can't pass on that!

So we picked a day...
which turned out to be the hottest day ever for Arkansas. probably not the hottest.
But it felt that way in jeans.
We loaded up the car with all kinds of fun props and headed to the country :)
Full of wheat fields, fabulous red barns and beautiful scenery.

Me and hubby got lots of pictures by ourselves before little man got dropped off by a friend.
But the sweat started pouring off of us as soon as we got out of the car.

That's what we get for trying to take pictures in August here.

Poor hubby's hair frizzed up like a chia pet quick :)

But he was a trooper and kept smiling for me!

And I was so head over heels in love with this awesome red barn that Kayla found for us to take pictures with.

This is hubby's "I'm only doing this because I love you so much" look....

And I'm pretty sure we got attacked by hornets when I was leaning through this window...

And, guys, I have the thickest hair EVER.
Not even kidding.
I get it thinned all the time.

And I could feel every bit of that heaviness during this.
Can you say hottttt???

I learned quick that next year, we will be taking pictures in the spring...or fall...
because Arkansas doesn't try to kill you during those months.
Mostly, anyways.

Poor little man was soaked in sweat and was so miserably hot that we barely got any pictures of him.
But I love using our H in the pictures and we got a few smiles :)

And I love this one because it pretty much sums up the day...

Which one is your favorite??

Have you taken family pictures this year?

I'm taking some for a friend in a few weeks and am super excited because she has the cutest kids :)
Plus, it'll be cool this time around and that makes everyone happier!

Have a happy weekend guys- can't wait to show you what I have in store for you starting Monday when this officially starts...

So excited!!

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  1. Great pictures, Kelsey! Excited for next week (:

  2. These are so nice! We recently got some family pictures done this fall and it was 85 degrees in October! But I stuck to our coordinating fall wardrobe because I had put so much into planning it! I feel your pain!

  3. Beautiful....I love the picture with your little one in the frame....lovelly

  4. They are all so good! I'm so glad summer is over, the heat here in dallas was crazy this year!!

  5. poor little guy, he is sooo sweaty!!! they are really cute and at least you got some adult only ones, we always get left out anyway!! and i love the little red dress!!


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