November 04, 2011

Go, Go, Power Rangers!

This week has been so crazy that I forgot to share Little man's costume from Halloween!!

I know, bad blogger.
I guess I'll just point my finger at school for that one :)

We're in the final countdowns of the semester and are feeling the pressure.
We have about a million group projects, presentations and huge papers to do.
But at least this semester ends with a Bachelor's Degree!!

And only three semesters left afer that!
Double yay!
Anywho...check out who I spent Halloween with:

Little man is obsessed with the green ranger.

But LET ME TELL YOU...the world is no longer obsessed with him.
Little man watches the original power rangers and they no longer make the green ranger costume from that series.
Unless you want to pay a ga-zillion dollars.

Um. No thanks.
I'll buy the t-shirt, a cheap party mask and deck him out in green and call it a day.

He loved it and thought he was the coolest ever.
Which was the only thing that mattered anyway.

And this was also his first time trick-or-treating and he had a BLAST.

So all in all... Halloween was a success.

And here's what the power ranger does when he decides his mom has taken more than enough pictures:

What was your favorite thing about Halloween this year?
What was your favorite costume you saw??

Sorry that I slacked on getting a more-fun post up for today...
I'm really hoping that things calm down soon so that I can whip out some fantastic posts to show you all the fun Christmas stuff I've been playing around with :)

Have a great weekend guys!!

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