October 31, 2011

Quick Update: Keeping your Garage Un-Scary

Um yes.
That was my feeble attempt to make this post seem anywhere related to Halloween.
I know. Fail.

But kinda on target too, considering that keeping your garage manageable does make life less scary :)

Wanna see the reality of part of my garage?

A little scary, right?
How is it so easy for things to just collect in the garage?
I mean, it wouldn't be so bad if I just hadn't let it spiraled out of control...
but...well, life just kinda happens.

Luckily, after rearranging my craft room,
I was left with these goodies.

The little shelf was a roadside find from forever ago that I just never did anything with besides plop it on my craft table and pile crap on top of it.
So the crap-collector was let go from the new craft room...
and became the inspiration for organzing a corner of my garage.

The containers were from all kinds of various places.
The green polka-dot one held all the bubbles for our wedding.
And the others were just for various craft items.

I gave the bins and the shelf a bit of a makeover (which you'll see in a minute) and then took these basic little chipboard shapes.
I painted them in chalkboard paint to use them as labels and then just hot-glued them onto the fronts of the bins.

Here is what it looked like after moving some things around and after their quick paint updates:

The shelf was painted black and red...and the pink bins were turned red.
The cute labels were perfect for organizing all of little man's toys.

There were several things still bugging me, most of all the brown trunk and the space still above the black cabinet sign.

So I tweaked it a bit this past weekend when it was nice and warm out...

The first thing to go was the brown trunk.
I painted the whole thing black and then sanded down the gold hinges and trim to scuff it up a bit :)

I also added some labels to clear bins that house all our pet food and garden tools.
Little man loved watching them being cut out!

I spray-painted the brown vinyl black (LOVE that you can spraypaint vinyl)
and then covered it with a clear coat to help it be more durable.

I also used a scrap piece of siding to make a quick sign for above the cabinet door one.

The cabinet door was a restore find that I loved because of it's perfect distressed-ness.
I just added some scattered typography, added some painted hardware and hung it up.
Easy peasy.

I love the blue on the hardware and 'play hard' sign.

I love having all of little man's toys put away and in a home.
And whenever he outgrows some, I can just erase the label and add a new one :)

Little man is such a neat freak (I know, weird for a four year old!)
and loves having a place to put everything.

I also added a fun label to his animal bin.
We have so many toy animals- so this one is his outdoor ones.
The ones that don't really matter if they get run over and lost in the jungle grass.

I used a chipboard tag, put some rub-on letters on and tied it on with some twine.

Why is everything cuter with a label?

It was such a sigh of relief to finally have things organized and not just thrown in the corner.
Now I don't flinch every time I walk into the house through the garage.

...which is our main entry so, you can imagine all the flinching I did.

Here's a look at the whole door-way with my little telephone table and cabinet door chalkboard.
I posted about that little activity nook a while ago.  

Our garage has to hold a lot, so every bit of space has to be working.

It's getting colder here so this is probably my last outdoor project until spring.

Which is fine with me because no more flinching all winter :)
Plus, I always feel like I'm 10 times more productive during the weekend if I was able to organize something.
So count me productive this weekend.

Have you done some organizing lately?
Where's the 'scary' part in your house?

Speaking of scary, have a fantastic Halloween and be safe!!
Happy trick-or-treating!!!
I'm off to gather some candy with my green power ranger :)

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  1. What a great idea..I hope I could do that too.So organised and nice ...Baeutifull baskets and so clean....Good job!

  2. I see a little "let there be light" sighting!


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