October 17, 2011

My Campus Gone Batty...

Happy Monday ya'll!!

I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend- ours consisted of the pumpkin patch, church and hurriedly getting all my homework ready that I had two weeks to do...but waited until last night.
Cuz I'm good like that :)

I was dreading going back to classes today but it was better than I had concocted it up in my head to be.

Luckily we have fall break starting Thursday so we're kind of just easing back into things.

So typical monday labs were going on today and we were walking out of class to our next one and we see this little guy hiding behind the glass door...

A little baby bat, guys!!
Kinda gross but cute all the same :)
And there was a bunch of us girls just standing around him taking pictures and wondering why he seemed so scared
Hmm...couldn't possibly imagine why he was scared...

We were snapping pictures with our phone and most of them were shrieking at it and running off.
Me and my friend wandered away and then heard the two other girls screaming and running out of the little alcove.

Apparantly the little guy had enough of his impromptu photo shoot that was disturbing his nap and completely dive-bombed them. Ha!

So of course we had to run back to see where he went.
He ended up on the ground this time.

We thought it was our mission to make sure he didn't get stepped on and as we were contemplating his rescue, he dive-bombed again.

We left him alone that time.
Lesson learned guys.

Plus, bats totally carry rabies.
And that would screw up the whole semester :)

Anywho- just had to enrapture you guys with my batty monday!
I'll hopefully be back later with a fun craft- cuz that's totally expected of me, I know.

We're off to picnik at Pinnacle Mountain with little man.
Cuz Arkansas still thinks it's summer and all.

And we'll take advantage of that while we can.  

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