October 07, 2011

A Few More Touches of Fall

This week has been amazing.

Did I tell you guys that I started my second round of clinicals this week?
My first chance at being at a Pediatric location and I am in heaven.

I so needed this experience to remind me why I'm going through all the craziness of OT school.
Because it's hard and frustrating and scary and aggravating all wrapped up with a lot of high blood pressure moments and papers :)
OT school that is...not my clinical.

I've fallen in love with the preschool I'm at.
With the way they do things.
They way they communicate.
And I've once again completely re-affirmed that I'm totally a Pediatric OT.
Really and truly.
I have a special place in my heart that is meant to be around Autistic kids...

I've loved all the kids I've seen this week but the Autistic ones just grab a hold of my heart and remind me why I want to be in school right now so that one day I can spend my time with them helping them to get the most out of their precious lives.
Seriously guys.
I'm meant to be with them.
I feel it every day I'm around them.
And now I'm dying to get through school so I can start :)

Back to the reason for the post.

I've been crazy busy this week so I haven't gotten a ton of tutorials written or pictures taken...
so I thought I'd give you a few more glimpses into my fall decor.
Just a few-because I don't want to give all my upcoming projects away just yet :)

I'll give you a peek at one though:

You'll find out more about my framed sticks later :)

The mirror is one of my favorite antique store finds- it's the real deal.
No fake finish on that guy...I love it.
And it's kinda creepy at night. Not gonna lie.

The vintage bread pan is from a local antique store as well.
It just caught my eye and I loved the idea of using it in my fall decor.
I've had the "Have a great day" sign for a while, and just added a couple dollar store pumpkins to even things out.

I stuck a couple more pumpkins under my little home-made cloche.
I can't show you my whole table yet because it has several projects yet to be posted about :)

Another piece on the table is my little pumpkin plate from Target last year.
Another dollar store pumpkin is sitting among some black rocks and my Pier One H ball.
The H tile is from Hobby Lobby.

Little man stuck his green 'power ranger' rock in there too.
He thinks it'll morph him into the green ranger.
We're still working on that.

I love this pumpkin from Hobby Lobby and of course, I have old books everywhere.
I'm obsessed with them :)

The number tile is a random address number from a local antique store.
I got a whole pile of them.

The fabric pumpkin is literally a roll of toilet paper wrapped in fabric with sticks shoved in the middle.
Easy as it sounds.
And really funny when people ask how to make it :)

I love this little paper pumpkin but I might love these tiny old books more.
One dates back to 1850.
Can you say adore?

These are my guilty treasures I pick up randomly.

So there ya have it.
A few more splashes of fall in my home :)

What are some of your favorite fall decorations??
Any specific thing you 'collect' when thrifting like I do my old books?

I'd love to hear about it!!

I hope you guys have a fantastic friday :)
So glad to have you guys as my lovely readers!

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  1. I collect books as well. My favorites are old books, children's books, classics, medical books and especially old AND medical books. I also like vintage rulers, skeleton keys, old bottles and old Coke stuff. I am a thrifting/collecting fiend! I have to restrain myself because we live in a pretty small apartment. =)

  2. love all your pumpkins, i'm gonna hit up my dollar store now. i love using any kind of pumpkin to decorate for fall...i think b/c i LOVE pumpkin desserts! ;)



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