October 31, 2011

Quick Update: Keeping your Garage Un-Scary

Um yes.
That was my feeble attempt to make this post seem anywhere related to Halloween.
I know. Fail.

But kinda on target too, considering that keeping your garage manageable does make life less scary :)

Wanna see the reality of part of my garage?

A little scary, right?
How is it so easy for things to just collect in the garage?
I mean, it wouldn't be so bad if I just hadn't let it spiraled out of control...
but...well, life just kinda happens.

Luckily, after rearranging my craft room,
I was left with these goodies.

The little shelf was a roadside find from forever ago that I just never did anything with besides plop it on my craft table and pile crap on top of it.
So the crap-collector was let go from the new craft room...
and became the inspiration for organzing a corner of my garage.

The containers were from all kinds of various places.
The green polka-dot one held all the bubbles for our wedding.
And the others were just for various craft items.

I gave the bins and the shelf a bit of a makeover (which you'll see in a minute) and then took these basic little chipboard shapes.
I painted them in chalkboard paint to use them as labels and then just hot-glued them onto the fronts of the bins.

Here is what it looked like after moving some things around and after their quick paint updates:

The shelf was painted black and red...and the pink bins were turned red.
The cute labels were perfect for organizing all of little man's toys.

There were several things still bugging me, most of all the brown trunk and the space still above the black cabinet sign.

So I tweaked it a bit this past weekend when it was nice and warm out...

The first thing to go was the brown trunk.
I painted the whole thing black and then sanded down the gold hinges and trim to scuff it up a bit :)

I also added some labels to clear bins that house all our pet food and garden tools.
Little man loved watching them being cut out!

I spray-painted the brown vinyl black (LOVE that you can spraypaint vinyl)
and then covered it with a clear coat to help it be more durable.

I also used a scrap piece of siding to make a quick sign for above the cabinet door one.

The cabinet door was a restore find that I loved because of it's perfect distressed-ness.
I just added some scattered typography, added some painted hardware and hung it up.
Easy peasy.

I love the blue on the hardware and 'play hard' sign.

I love having all of little man's toys put away and in a home.
And whenever he outgrows some, I can just erase the label and add a new one :)

Little man is such a neat freak (I know, weird for a four year old!)
and loves having a place to put everything.

I also added a fun label to his animal bin.
We have so many toy animals- so this one is his outdoor ones.
The ones that don't really matter if they get run over and lost in the jungle grass.

I used a chipboard tag, put some rub-on letters on and tied it on with some twine.

Why is everything cuter with a label?

It was such a sigh of relief to finally have things organized and not just thrown in the corner.
Now I don't flinch every time I walk into the house through the garage.

...which is our main entry so, you can imagine all the flinching I did.

Here's a look at the whole door-way with my little telephone table and cabinet door chalkboard.
I posted about that little activity nook a while ago.  

Our garage has to hold a lot, so every bit of space has to be working.

It's getting colder here so this is probably my last outdoor project until spring.

Which is fine with me because no more flinching all winter :)
Plus, I always feel like I'm 10 times more productive during the weekend if I was able to organize something.
So count me productive this weekend.

Have you done some organizing lately?
Where's the 'scary' part in your house?

Speaking of scary, have a fantastic Halloween and be safe!!
Happy trick-or-treating!!!
I'm off to gather some candy with my green power ranger :)

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October 28, 2011

A Little Table Redo

This week has been stress-city for us.
How about you?

If you follow me on facebook, you know that we took an impromptu run out to Competition, Missouri for a funeral.
Beautiful country, sad occasion.
And driving eight hours in a 24 hour period is rough.
Especially having class the very next day to catch up on.

I thought it'd be a pretty normal week of school but they love to throw stress-covered wrenches into the mix.
So keep your fingers crossed that I get good numbers in our lottery next week so I can pick decent electives.

Because that basically determines my stress load for the next year.

I took a bit of a break from fall this week and showed you my clock cloche on Monday.
So I thought I'd follow that trend and show you a quick furniture redo, kay kay?

I got this, er, beauty from goodwill a while back.
Cheap as dirt...and I think dirt was looking better...

It was outdated, worn out and needed a fresh facelift :)
So paint to the rescue!

I painted it my favorite go-to color at the moment- Pottery Barn Cream.

And then decided to add some extra fun to it with some stripes.
I taped them off with painters tape and used a glossy black for the stripes.

Aren't they purty?

I also added a stenciled design in the same glossy black to the bottom level.
In a total ADD moment, I failed to notice that my fleur-de-lis stencil I had just bought also included hearts...
I probably would have done something to get around that if I had not been so excited about the fleur de lis.
So they stay for now.

I used my antiquing glaze to go over the whole piece and then sealed it all with a clear gloss.

I love the stripes and the extra 'oomph' they give to it.
Doesn't everyone love a piece with 'oomph??'

And you can't go wrong with the classic black and white...

This piece was already put up on good ole' Craigslist and sold pretty quick.

So I'm really hoping it's new owners are loving it :)

A quick before and after shot.
From sad and tired to fresh and 'oomph'-filled :)

Have you painted any fun pieces lately?
I'd love to see them.
Head over to my facebook page and share them with everyone!!!

I hope you guys have a fantastic weekend.
Mine will be filled with papers, figuring out my schedule and hopefully a couple of fun projects!!

Happy Friday my lovely followers  :)

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October 27, 2011

Fabulous Gift Idea: The Taffy Box

Christmas is right around the corner...
can you believe it?

As in like 60 days away...
Just sayin'.

I have some fun Christmas ideas to show you guys soon and a great event coming up!
So it's going to start looking like the holidays around here :)
Are you excited?

Today I wanted to share a fantastic site for getting some gifts for those special people on your list.
And you know you want to get some shopping out of the way now, right?
Better to get it done and not have to scramble around on Christmas eve!!

Koryn from The Taffy box contacted me a few weeks ago about doing  a review of her shop.
(I'm still getting over the fact that people are contacting ME...it always give me butterflies!)

As soon as I started browsing her site, I knew I would have no problem doing a review and LOVING it.
The Taffy Box is all about unique hand-stamped jewelry.
But not just jewelry...dog tags, guitar picks, key chains, wedding & baby gifts...
the list goes on and on.

Take a look at some of the gorgeous eye candy she sells:

I'm in love with that beautiful spoon bracelet.
And isn't that California necklace so cute?
(she does any of the states but I'm just a sucker for Cali...)

I was over the moon excited when she offered to send me something from her shop.
And then was immediately overwhelmed because I had no idea how to pick!!!

I finally decided on one of her mommy 'stacking rings'...although since I'm only mommy to one, it wouldn't be stacking :)

I'm a sucker for anything with little man's name on it.

She got right on it and a couple of days ago I got the best little package in the mail that held this:

And it hasn't left my finger since :)
And I'm pretty sure it'll be one of those 'only take off when sleeping' kind of pieces.

I love the unique-ness that hand-stamped jewelry has and this didn't dissapoint.
Little man loves looking at it too- he thinks it's way cool that mommy wears something with his name on it.

So, basically you need to run over to The Taffy Box and start checking names off your gift list :)
Koryn is a dream to work with and the pieces she makes will look so pretty sitting under the tree or stuffed in a stocking.

Go check out the gorgeousness! 

*Although I was given free product for this review, opinions are 100% my own and I really do love this shop!*

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October 26, 2011

Salvaged & White-Washed Wood Pumpkin

Last week I got the chance to guest post during Pocket Full of Pink's Monster Craft Bash!!!
She had so many great guest posts and ideas so be sure to check out the awesome line-up!

I'm re-posting my project here so ya'll can have a look :)
Cuz it's one of my favorite fall projects I've done this year!
I thought I'd show you guys a fun fall pumpkin I made this year using some salvaged fence wood I got from a friend!
In exchange for helping to build her a bookshelf, she gave me all the left-over scraps :)
Because they were completely beautiful, weathered pieces of wood.
(The same beautiful wood I used to make this sign)

First, I trimmed the edges so that the outside pieces had angled corners at the tops and bottoms.
Makes a nice little pumpkin shape!

I nail-gunned a random scrap of molding to the top of my pumpkin for it's 'stem'.

Isn't he a nice little weathered pumpkin?
I am completely in love with the natural grain on these pieces of wood but I wanted to tone down the dark wood color a bit.

So I took him inside (oh yea...I live on the dangerous side!)
and mixed some white paint with quite a bit of water and started to white-wash.
It was exactly what I was going for.

It kept that natural grain pattern but gave it a lovely white color.
You just keep white-washing it to make it as 'dark' as you want it to go.
I did quite a few coats on this.

The top 'stem' got a little bit of dark stain added to it.

I wanted to add something to the middle to glam it up a bit so I typed out 'Harvest' onto word in a fun, fall-ish font.
Those of you lucky enough to have a silhouette could get this done in, oh, two point five seconds.
I did it the long way around.
Type up. Print. Cut out with exacto knife. Stencil.
More like a good thirty minutes.
But totally worth it :)

Love the jet-black against the white-washed wood.

I added a little flourish too...just cuz.
Love the bright orange.

You like my little pesky weed that got into the pictures?
Nice, huh?

Buh-bye weed.
Hello pretty wood pumpkin.

I'm loving how he turned out.
I cant' get over that gorgeous fence wood.
And to think that the owner was just going to toss it out!!

The grain looks so pretty behind the wording...
and he's the perfect addition to my fall decor :)

If you don't have your own random pile of scrap fence wood,
new wood from Lowes would do just fine too :)
Just look for some pretty grain if you want to white-wash!

I hope you enjoyed seeing my little wood pumpkin!!
What's been your favorite project this fall??

The weathermen keep saying we're getting winter weather starting tomorrow...
but they very rarely know what they're talking about so I'm not exactly scrambling to get all my winter clothes out yet...
but I am scrambling to get little man's costume ready...eek.
Wish me luck :)

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October 24, 2011

My Clock Cloche

Happy Monday my lovelies!

Is it okay to use happy and Monday in the same sentence???

This week is going to be crazy busy.
I have a 'to do' list about a million yards long and most of them are school-related.
I'd much rather it be crafty...

Although I do have a crafty checklist going too...
they just aren't as high priority as my non-fun one.

So, remember last summer when everyone was crazy about cloches?
Those cute little things that were taking over thrift stores and bloggers started going crazy over?
I joined that cliche a little late but loved my white one I put together.

I snatched up another one this past spring just cuz you never know when you'll need one, right?
And I got to painting it this summer.

Here's the cutie I picked up along with the bottom of a candlestick that I was messing with and it, er, fell apart.
It may or may not have been provoked.
But I thought it'd be perfect with this guy.
See? Things happen for a reason :)

I painted them both with gloss white.
Doesn't the base look pretty all scuffed up?
I love the brass showing through.

The bottom of the cloche got painted white and scuffed up as well.

I saw this way cute idea somewhere...and obviously before Pinterest was becoming the thing to use.
Because I have no idea where I saw it.
So if you know, kindly guide me to it and I'll give proper credit.

I just loved the roman numerals.
I used the technique of printing it on regular printing paper, then tracing over the pack of it with pencil onto the wood.
It leaves enough ink residue to fill in with a black marker.
Easy :)

I lightly distressed it again with my mouse sander and scrubbed the dome top 'til it gleamed.

And he turned out so pretty, huh?

I love the vintage look it has now.
Much better than just a plain old cloche.

Oh...and the base is just glued on with hot glue.
There are stronger glues out there more suited for it...but it's held up so far so hot glue works too :)

I'm kinda digging it with the harlequin paper I pulled out for his photo shoot.

I'll give you a sneak peek as to where it ended up...
making friends with my photo blocks.

I can't wait to show you the whole deal-io but if you can't tell, my table is still kinda ug-lay.
So you'll be seeing it when I get the chance to beautify my table.
No promises on when that will be.

But it should be well worth it.
At least the picture in my head is :)
We shall see.

In the mean time, you can just look at the cute cloche!

Have you made any cute cloches?
Or used them in your decor lately?

I'd love to see them- head over to my Facebook page and share pictures or tips on using them there!!

Happy Monday lovelies- hope it's as great as a monday can be!!

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