September 20, 2011

Yes, my pumpkin has an "H" on it...

for about a million different reasons.
But I'll give you three...

1. Because I'm obsessed...with monograms, typography, anything that 'says' anything. So my pumpkins needed to feel the love in that area :)
2. Because every now and then, I like to recreate fun things I see on Pinterest and when it takes 2.5 seconds, there's just no excuse.
3. Because H is the best letter in the alphabet.
You can't even argue that.

So I guess number 2 means that this is another...

And so it is :)

So easy it doesn't even warrent a tutorial.
Need one?

Ok here ya go:
1. Buy a cute pumpkin
2. Use thumbtacks to make initial (or design)
Rocket science, huh?

And you have a cute, easy pumpkin to decorate with!!

Now granted, mine is not as glamerous as my inspiration one from Pinterest but when you see the big mantle reveal- you'll know that it needed a little natural charm to balance out it's glitziness :)

And if you remember my spring mantle, you'll know that no mantle of mine would be complete without an H.
Considering there were about 20 H's there before.

Wouldn't it be cute to do four of them and spell out 'fall'?

And I have to show off my gorgeous little camera buddies.
Anytime I go outside for a little photo shoot, my two fur-babies have to check it all out.
So they lounge in the background :)

Hobby & Ellie

So there ya have it.
Didn't I tell ya I had the easiest fall decorating post ever?

And, I guess you don't have to agree with me about H being the best letter in the alphabet.
But I know you will if you love me :)

Don't forget that the big reveal is on Friday and in the mean time, I want YOU to link up your mantle pictures or any inspiration pics you've stumbled across onto my Facebook page.
If enough link up, I'll probably throw together a mantle feature this weekend :)

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