September 26, 2011

Painting my Cheap, Laminate Cabinet... A Miracle Makeover

I thought we'd take a quick break from Fall and do something different today :)

I enjoyed sharing my fall mantle with you guys last week and have some other fall goodies to show you but I thought maybe you'd like a good ole furniture redo today.

I say 'good' and really mean 'the worst, most painful furniture redo to date'.
Mostly because I'm impatient and stubborn.
So really, it might not be the furnitures fault.
Although it is it kinda is.

Here's my little nemesis:

This is one of those cheap, laminate, build-your-own cabinets from Target that we got when we first got married.

I used it forever to store some of little man's toys and it's not terrible.
But it's terribly blah and not so fun to look at.
But it's the perfect size for that area.
It sits in the corner of our back living room so it needed a little facelift.

I decided to add a little something to the top to make it have a little bit more detail.
It was seriously lacking in that department.
I had a scrap piece of beadboard that I attached to the top.
Then I added some molding all around the top for some more visual interest.

You can see all the random pieces of hardware I pulled out to see what would work with it.

This is when we were still somewhat friends.
After adding molding and beadboard to the top, I filled in the original hardware holes and sanded it down a little.
You can tell how cheap the laminate is by all the crazy scratches that were left by my light sanding.

This is when things went terribly awry and pictures pretty much stopped.
The important key to painting laminate is a good primer.
We had none. And I decided to be stubborn and paint anyway.
Don't. Do.That.
Or else get dangerously close to losing your sanity as I did.

It bubbles and peels.
*And painting in 103 degree weather isn't the best either...but you can't do much to avoid that in Arkansas, besides waiting til winter. No thanks.*

After about, what seemed like, 100 coats I finally got it to stick.
Albeit, not the most beauitful, smooth coverage you've ever seen.
And I'll fully admit that.
This was not a perfect furniture redo.
But somehow, it turned out :)
After my arm about fell off.
But I wouldn't try selling it or anything.

My favorite part was the change in hardware.
I love these old handles that I switched them to.
So pretty.


And I added some of those brackets you have that go behind certian knobs to the corners.
I think it gives the feel of having some vintage hinges.
Love how it turned out :)

Here's the little bugger after all my crazy work on it...
I used a random oops Sherwin Williams yellow that I got from Habitat.

You have no idea how relieved I was that this turned out at all.
I really thought I was going to have to give up and throw it out halfway through.
I'm glad I stuck with it though.

I painted the inside a gloss white to contrast the yellow.
So much better than opening it up to a dark brown faux-wood :)

Like I said,
it's not the prettiest paint job ever.
And it has multiple flaws in it.
Part of my solution was to sand the edges and give it a more rough and distressed look than most of my pieces.
This allowed it to have a more old-world antique feel and not just a crappy paint job look to it :)

Although it's not my best piece,
I still love it.
And I definitely feel happy every time I walk by it...
pretty much just because I stuck with it and manged to salvage an, what looked like, unsavable piece.

Not too shabby for a cheap little laminate cabinet, huh?
You gotta see the side by doesn't even look like the same piece :)

I'm loving the hardware changes- I think it adds the most :)
So... now do you know why it's my 'miracle makeover'??

A really good lesson on being patient and getting the right supplies.
I would have had a lot less of a headache :)
Oh well. Live and Learn, right??

I hope you guys have a great Monday.
Mine is great just in the fact that my research paper that I worked EIGHT hours on on my Saturday is finally being passed on to someone else to look at.
Not done.
But done for now.

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  1. I actually really like it, the little imperfections are what make it great!

  2. I like it, totally an improvement!

  3. oh, laminate is such a bear! I did the same thing to a laminate cheapo dresser when I was first married. lol, I used oil-based still looked bad.

    but anyway, good job and yay for perseverance!!

  4. This turned out so great! It's so satisfying when something so frustrating turns out well! Nice job!


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