September 29, 2011

Harlequin Pattern in Decor: Guest Post

A special treat for you guys today- a guest post from Susi at Arcadian Lighting.
You know how much I love me some harlequin patterns so I hope you enjoy today's fun post :)

See ya guys tomorrow with a fun how-to on updating your fireplace!!


Today's guest post is from Susi, a writer for Arcadian Lighting, a company known for quality light fixtures and lamps, and is one of the top online home lighting retailers. Check out their blog and website for more information!

Harlequin pattern is a bold diamond pattern that is a nice twist on checkerboard. The elongated squares have a more elegant feeling than the traditional checkerboard. Harlequin patterns can be used on floors, fabrics, furniture and decorative items. Here are eight great examples of harlequin pattern in décor. Enjoy!

Harlequin Inspired Decor

Harlequin pattern painted pumpkins are the inspiration for this article. The simple diamond pattern is so charming in black and white on the pumpkins.

Harlequin Inspired Decor

Black and white harlequin pattern on furniture is chic and stylish, and makes a bold statement. This dresser would look great in a living room or entry as well as a bedroom.

Harlequin Inspired Decor

A small version of the harlequin pattern in black and white marble decorates the floor of this chic entry. The smaller harlequin almost looks like a houndstooth pattern; very traditional.

Harlequin Inspired Decor

Tone on tone harlequin pattern creates a more subtle pattern on the wall. Painting in a flat paint and a gloss of the same color can achieve this look. Doesn't it look stunning in the light from slender lamps on the foyer table?

Harlequin Inspired Decor

This tonal harlequin pattern is achieved with shells. This sophisticated lamp by Murray Feiss would look wonderful in a chic beach inspired décor.

Harlequin Inspired Decor

Black and white harlequin pattern on the walls is bold and graphic. This look can be achieved with paint and a stencil, or wallpaper. And it doesn't always have to be black and white. Any color and white works for a classic combination, or mix up colors for a really bold look. The black ceiling light placed above the table is a nice added touch.

Harlequin Inspired Decor

Large black and white tiles set on the diagonal create a harlequin pattern in this traditional kitchen. Black and white tiles are a classic harlequin pattern. Loving the pendant lights over the central island.

Harlequin Inspired Decor

Colorful harlequin patterns in fabrics make bold accents in curtains and pillows. Harlequin pattern can work in both modern and traditional style decors.

If you liked this post and are interested in more design ideas for your home, check out Arcadian Lighting Blog for more inspiration!
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Hope you guys enjoyed this post!!
For some fun harlequin inspired ideas right here, you can check out my yellow harlequin table and patterned pantry doors :)

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  1. Hi Kelsey! Thank you for letting us work with you on this guest post! It truly was a pleasure working with you. Hopefully we can do something like this again. All the best to you and your blog. :) - Anna


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