August 06, 2011

You're So Vain...Playing along with AGAAGG

Do you guys read A Girl and a Glue Gun?
Cuz you totally should.

She not only makes fun things but she's incredibly funny...
she did a post called You're So Vain and invited others to play along.
And I guess I decided to follow the leader :)

So if you want to play, just copy and paste and post it yourself.
And tell A Girl and a Glue Gun that you did it.
(Oh and  tell me too, I totally want to check it out!)

Making : too many things at the same time... a window valance, a new 'old' sign to put in my craft room, stripes on a curtian, and trying to motivate myself to repaint a chair.

Cooking : Umm... yea, no. (you know hubby is better at that)

Drinking : Dr. Pepper- my life source.

Reading: 'The Book of Lies"- by Brad Meltzer... so good.

Wanting: this way cute Tower of Pisa pillow from TJ Maxx that I told myself I shouldn't buy right now. Plus, I could probably totally make it, but it was just so cute... :)

Looking: at movie times to see when hubs, little man and I should go see Kung Fu Panda 2.

Playing: MarioKart for the Wii with hubs because it's hilarious to see how competitve we get...
and we're just big kids. Little man loves watching us play...

Wasting: time...going from blogger to facebook to Pinterest and back while we have a lazy morning.

Sewing: umm...nothing.
I totally hot glued a hem last night.
My sewing machine hates me.

Wishing: that school wasn't just two weeks away and that I could magically have my degree finished already.

Enjoying: the quiet. Little guy is with family, hubs is sleeping and the computers are just humming :)

Praying: that we don't die of heat stroke tomorrow while serving at our 'Be the Church' function.

Waiting: for Little man to get home so we can play and he can make me laugh :)

Liking: yellow hairpieces.
I'm totally wanting a cute one for family pictures.

(via this etsy pretty!)

Wondering: if Cappy and Casey are just going to get together in Greek.
I'm on season four and UGH. Frustration.
('s a guilty pleasure...)

Loving: my wonderful hubby and the plan to go shopping with a friend on Tuesday.

Hoping: I can get everything I want to get done before school starts.

Marvelling: at how in the world hubby thinks that Captain America, Iron Man AND the X-men can all live in the same world.
I mean, honestly, how are they going to figure out all the holes in that theory?
X-men do not live in the same time period as C.A. and Iron Man...come on.
But apparantly Marvel can do anything...hmph.

Needing: to actually get dressed for the day.

Smelling: ...nothing at the moment. But hopefully some muffins when I get my lazy butt up :)

Wearing: comfy shorts and my new favorite Polo t-shirt. mmhmm...soft.

Following: the leader? yeah...i don't know
(I'm with AGAAGG on this one) And I totally did follow her lead.

Noticing: that I can't take pictures of myself with headbands on.
I look like a creeper in all of them.

Knowing: that the summer has gone by way too fast and that I'm going to be sad that little man is starting big boy preschool. Even if it's not still seems too big.

Thinking: that I need to get to Conway soon to buy books and whatnot and totally knowing that I probably won't until the first day of class.

Bookmarking: umm...I pinterest.
J/K. But I have been pinning a lot lately.

Opening: the window so I can hear the breeze.

Giggling: at the fact that little man asked me if God was bigger than daddy and how do dolphins protect themselves if they have such tiny teeth?
The things you need to know when you're a mom...

Feeling: ready for the day and incredibly happy to be with my family...

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  1. love it! so cute. we are trying to go to kung fu 2 today. so excited!


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