August 19, 2011

Top Ten Things I'll Miss About Summer

I've been trying to pretend like next week isn't really coming all this past week.
But I think maybe it's backfiring on me because now I've just set myself up to not be ready for it :)

I keep telling myself that it's only two more years...
and only one semester until I graduate with my bachelors.
(A little squeal on that last part)

But I've been really bad about preparing for classes this time around.
I barely glance at my emails from school
(just enough to make sure it's not something that, if I forget, I'll get kicked out or something)
I haven't picked up my books yet (but they are an hour away...)
and I keep making lists of all the things I want to get done.
(ha! you should those- they're a doozy)

So in honor of my last truly free summer, I thought I'd share my favorite things that I'm going to hate to give up...

1. Random Lake Trips
Sadly, the lake house was sold this summer so this is a forever last.
At least there.
But we made some great memories this summer and little man loved being out on the boat!!

Little man and his lifejacket.

Me and my crazy hubby
(Why do guys always have to do weird faces??)

2. Snow Cones!!
Mmmhmmm. I love me some snow cones.
And I might go into a slight depression when the stands all close. I'm not that bad.
But I will miss them.
Which is why we've stopped for one every day after school this week....

3. Having Time.
This, in all honesty, is probably why I'm balking at school so much.
Because I know my time isn't my own anymore.
OT school likes to run our lives...
so no more being able to stop and watch bulldozers for two hours or late night play-doh sessions...

Seriously, he loved this thing.
Our neighbor was putting a pool in and we sat there watching it forevvvver.

Little man discovered a big love for play-doh this summer :)

4. Being able to paint at the drop of a hat.
When school hits, everything has a schedule.
So I really do have to schedule in blog time and painting time.
Which stinks because I would most likely rather have a paintbrush in hand.

The only unscheduled paint sessions are when I throw my book across the room and refuse to look at it anymore...and run to the garage to forget about muscles or my therapeutic 'use of self'.

5. Staying up late with Hubby
One of our favorite couple times is just sitting and watching a movie.
Nothing huge.
But it's special because we don't get to do that a lot during the school year.
Usually we just pass out during an hour- long show...
so it was fun to have late night movie marathons.

This is from our 'Hot Lunch' date- so much fun!
If you haven't checked these guys out, you need too!!
(and, yes, I am completely aware that hubs looks like a total creeper... just don't tell him I put this pic on here!!)

6. Actually spending time with our friends
Yes, we do get to see them during the school year...
but it becomes fewer and far between.
Usually it's at our couples hometeam.
And an occasional cook night...
so it was fun to have some free time with them!

Some of the guys lighting fireworks on the Fourth.
And, yes, they are trouble...I know they look it :)

7. Relaxing in the sun
So I would rather be at the beach at any time.
Not just during school :)

I love this place.

8. Having time for my blog
Like everything else, blogging time has to be carefully scheduled during school.
So I can't just fiddle and play with it nearly as much as I'd like!

It's been fabulous having some time to really get things fixed up and connect with other bloggers.
While school doesn't stop my blog, it slows down the process a little bit!
But usually I have to tell myself to get off of it and go study :)

9. Spur of the moment trips
One of the funnest things we were able to do this summer was make a random trip to Ikea...
in Dallas.
Which is a six hour drive for us.

Totally worth it.
I want to go every weekend now :)

And lastly...

10. That no-stress summer feeling
Of course there's the usual stressors of bills and meals and gas prices rising...
but I dont' have to pile on hours of homework and driving an hour both ways to school.
Plus I get plenty of time with my two favorite boys which puts me in a great mood :)

So there ya have it...

What is the thing you'll miss most about summer??
And what are you looking forward to about Fall?

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  1. Love your blog. I am 21 and have been super happily married for 3 years. I am also finishing up my bachelor's degree in biology this year, with med school coming next year. I don't have any kids yet, but I am starting to really love DIY's a stress reliever from sciencey things. =) Just wanted to let you know you're not alone! Good luck with school craziness starting!

  2. New follower, love your blog! I'm enjoying my last summer get away this week before school and work... Good luck this school year!



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