August 03, 2011

Pinterest Inspired: Tile Coasters

Are you addicted to pinning?
Cuz I am...
and totally admit to it too.

I guess it's the new verb right after tweeting and facebooking something.

I figured I might actually use some of my inspiration boards on Pinterest and follow through with making a few of them.
I absolutely love scrolling through all the fabulous ideas and pictures.
If you want to follow my boards, head here and join me in my addiction :)

Hopefully, I'll be posting ideas I get from there a couple times a month...
so we'll just call them the 'inspired by Pinterest' posts(orginal, huh?)

This is a super simple idea...
as in you might not even really need the tutorial.
But old habits die hard so I'll give you a quick run through.
I found this pin here that caught my eye because it was colorful and super easy.

Supplies needed:
*Tile squares
* Various pieces of scrapbook paper
*Mod Podge

I got my tile squares from Habitat- they had boxes of them for cheap.
I loved these because their edges aren't a traditional, smooth lined edge.
They're curvy and wonderful.

First, you need to cut your paper to size.
I just measured each tile and cut accordingly with my straight-edge.
I cut a little smaller than my measurements so a little of the edge would peek out.

Then take your all-fabulous Mod Podge and use a foam brush to brush a layer on the tile.
Smooth your paper out over that and let dry for a little while.
(Make sure to get all your air bubbles out!)

Then brush a coat or two on the top to help protect it from whatever liquids you put on them.
Lastly, cut some felt to size and adhere to the bottoms with hot glue or glue dots.
The felt helps to prevent the tiles from scratching our furniture :)

And there ya have it!
Super simple, super easy.

And super cute to boot.

These are perfect for gifts too :)

Check out the original post where the pin came from here.

Hope you enjoyed my first Inspired by Pinterest post :)
If you are looking for an invite, let me know and I'll send you an email with one.
Really, it should come with a warning label for it's addictive powers.
Happy pinning!

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  1. You could put some felt on the back to protect your furniture from scratches, too. Not sure how rough the backs of the times are.

  2. Ive made coasters like this too, but I used dollar store coasters rather than tile pieces. Love how yours turned out :)


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