August 02, 2011

Life's a Beach...Proof I was actually there!

Ah, my house is regaining some order back after about a day or so back from vacation.
We now have clean clothes and a full fridge :)

Can you believe that August is already here?
I try to avoid seeing all the school supplies everywhere at the moment...
I'm so not ready to think about classes starting up again.
And little man starting a new preschool.

Have you guys been to Hobby Lobby lately???
I ran in yesterday evening because I hadn't been in forevvver...
(and found some way cute stuff...I'll show you soon!)
and I went straight to their 66% off section and...
to my horror, it had been taken over by pumpkins and christmas lights.

I mean, really??
I know they have to get the stuff out on the early side.
But in August?
Gag. If I don't want to be reminded that school is in a month,
I certianly do not want to be reminded that all the holidays are coming up too!!

Let me enjoy what's left of summer!!
Who's with me??

Speaking of summer...let's get on a much better note, shall we?
How about some fun beach pictures?
I finally went through all my pictures and picked the ones I loved best of me and little man.
Hubby wasn't able to come to the beach, in case any of you were wondering if he just opted out...
he totally would have been all smiles (mostly) if he'd been there...
but I thought it was fun to get some shots of just me and little man!

This one is a fave...I love his little hand resting on me :)
He's such a momma's boy!

"Mommy, let's do a goofy picture!"

Isn't he just the cutest??
Four is definitely a fun age...but that whole talking thing...whew!

Hope you enjoyed these...I know they're most personal than crafty but I just was in love with them :)
And don't worry, crafty posts coming soon!!

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  1. LOL.. love the pictures! Lj did the same thing (funny faces)... I posted about it as well. :)

  2. Oh my goodness, what a sweet little boy!!! You can tell he loves his mommy so much!
    My son is already talking my head off and asking WHY about everythingggg. OH. MAN. haha

  3. Thanks for sharing! Beautiful pictures. Your favorite is my fave too. I love when craft blogs show some family pics/adventures because it makes the blogger seem like a real person!

    Looks like you had fun! (I second the "boooooo" for Halloween & Christmas stuff at stores. Seriously.)

  4. Beautiful pics! Let me guess...Florida? Or maybe Alabama?


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