August 04, 2011

A Better Look and Even Better Reminder

Yesterday was a hard day.
No incredibly real reason why.

It just went by slow,
and things kept falling apart rather than come together.
It was an all-time high of 114 degrees out.
And little man does not like 'staying cool' inside.
I felt let down by people I thought I could count on.  
And the end of summer is steadily creeping up which makes me feel somewhat depressed.

Because even though little man is starting a new, great school.
And hubby has a wonderful new job.
I'm going back to school too...
I know, pity party, right?

I graduate in December with my Bachelors in Occupational Therapy
But that doesn't mean a whole terribly lot.
I stil have a year and a half left to complete my Masters.

And yesterday, and today, that seems like forever away.
I'm not looking forward to late night study sessions
and stressful midterms
and feeling inadequate, like I'll never learn it well enough.

Though I am excited about my second round of clinicals
and seeing my OT peeps.

I'll get over it.
Yesterday was just one of those down (and incredibly hot) days.

But, nevertheless, it's always a good reminder to know that God is in control
and that I really have nothing to do with it.

So all that for this...
a fresh coat of paint on a great reminder :)

I picked this up at Big Lots forever ago because I liked the etched stone look.
This thing is heavy and I like having it out as a good reminder :)

I felt it blended in too much with the fireplace so I gave it a quick facelift with some gloss white paint.
For the words, I just took a black marker and filled them in to let them pop.
I also lightly brushed black paint on the flourishes to help them stand out a bit more.

Hope it's a good reminder for you, today, too!

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  1. The heat sucks the life right out of me! I had my first baby at 18 also, and I totally regret not finishing college. You have accomplished so much. The days are so long sometimes, but the years really are short. I keep reminding one of my girls who s just starting her second year of college ~ this very thing. So, after taking 20 + years off I would love to go back to work (of course, wishing I had my nursing degree). I may go back to school, but finishing up around age 50 is going to be a challenge. Keep your eye on the prize! It will be so worth it! Hope today brings you many blessings!

  2. Kelsey, it's a great reminder for all of us everyday! I love your makeover of the sign! I think it's very cool of you to be real w us and w yourself, too. You're right - God allows days and times just like that to remind us He us there to carry us each and every day, even when it's 114 degrees :) Love ya girlie! Laurie, SOTG

  3. Sounds like you and my friend Laurie had very similar days yesterday. Check out her post:

    I love what you did with your little sign. It's so nice to have little things around like that to remind us what life's all about. :)

  4. Hoping your day is better today! what a great piece to work on, expend some creative energy AND be reminded of God's greatness at the same time!

  5. You're right - that's a great reminder for all of us. Hang in there. You'll make it.

  6. That is a great reminder. Here's hoping that all is better today and that your sign helps you look at things differently. I know what you mean about not wanting to go back to school. I'm finishing up summer classes and am ready for a little break before applying to nursing school in Sep. All things ARE possible with God, and knowing that has put my life in perspective.

  7. We sure did have similar days yesterday! Hope today was much better. My boys and I spent a gorgeous day at the beach today... much better than yesterday :) I love your little sign!
    Laurie @ Gallamore West

  8. I'm sorry your having a down day lovely lady! I'm tellin ya, something was in the air today and it was not good, because I had a pretty bummer day too, BOO! But He is in control and only a day away. ;0)


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