July 07, 2011

Robin Hood & Placemat Canvas

It might be as odd as the title sounds.
Remember my little reading 'nook' area?

Well this piece is peeking in the corners of those pictures...I just didn't try and draw your attention to it yet.

I made it for our dining room a while back but it never really seemed to be in place there.
And now it's found it's perfect home...right next to my beloved bookshelves :)

It started as a canvas I picked up at Walmart on a whim (sorry, walmart artist)
I liked it okay and just hung in on the wall.
But after a year or so...I was so so over it.

Soooo...I sprayed it down with pretty pretty Espresso and let that dry.
Then I did several coats of Heirloom white....but I used my little trick from my pillow I did here.

I had another placemat from TJ Maxx and used it to make the medallion in the center.
Just lay it down and spray over.

I took some sandpaper to it to bring out the brown underneath and I love the pretty streaking effect it gave.

The sides were left brown.
Then...at about midnight I printed out the words from one of Hubby's favorite movies "Robin Hood" and laid them out.
I used my fabulous Rub-onz paper I got from Hobby Lobby and they were easy peasy.

You follow the directions to a T and get perfect, customized rub ons.
They went on the canvas perfectly.

And then...
I realized I had the quote backwards.
I noticed AFTER taking all my pictures and I ran back to the computer to check with Google if I had really done it wrong.
Yup...I mean, Google's never wrong, right?

In case you haven't seen the movie, the quote is
"Rise and rise again, until lambs become lions"
...not 'lions become lambs'.
Although that would be cool too.

Bang my head against the wall craft moment.
I sadly rubbed the words off as best as I could and reapplied the correct words.

They were only slightly too close together but still looked fine.
Plus the fact that it all got distressed makes that okay :)
I love distressing.
It's the most perfect craft-fixer ever.

I love the creamy colors together and love the old world look of the medallion.
It looks like something that would have been on their cloaks :)

Plus the quote is perfect for a book nook.
It wouldn't be complete without a fabulous and inspiring quote.

What are some of your favorite movie quotes?

Another one we picked up that we love is from "The Mechanic".
One of the guns was inscribed with Amat Victoria Curam which means 'victory loves preparation'.
And I always love me a good Gilmore Girls quote.
Oy but the Poodles are ready!


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  1. Oh... where would we be without google?!?!?!?! LOL

  2. Beautiful!!!! Love repurposing! Great job!


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